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Do you want to install a swimming pool in your garden? We offer you a wide range of models ofpool kit andabove ground pool. On our site, you will also find numerous quality accessories and equipment to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your pool (heating system, fromfiltration,water treatment,tarpaulins,pool robots). Our goal: to offer your family the swimming pool of their dreams, at the best price!

Dolphin, Leader brand of robotspiscine

Your pool fenceBeethoven.
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Your tailor-made liner, Online calculator, From11.30 M2

Best-Seller! Poolex Full inverterfrom1139

Votre volet roulant Customized

Choose the type of roller, your options, your dimensions

Your pool linerCustomized

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Kit swimming pool

Do you want to buy a kit swimming pool? Find the one of your dreams with Distripool! We offer many models of concrete kit swimming pools, polystyrene kit swimming pools, shell swimming pools and even kit swimming pools with steel panels. Our kits combine high quality and attractive prices and include all the equipment necessary for the installation and start-up of your pool. We also have a collection of spa kits and accessories for your swimming pool

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Pool safety

To prevent the risk of accidents and drowning, it is important to secure your swimming area. It is also mandatory to install a safety device on in-ground and semi-buried swimming pools. Automatic shutter, tarpaulin with bars, swimming pool fence or barrier, shelter or even an alarm On Distripool, we offer you different systems which meet all the mandatory standards in force. The swimming pool must remain a place of play and relaxation for the whole family!

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swimming pool heating

Do you want to heat the water in your swimming pool? To do this, you must purchase a heater suitable for your pool. On Distripool, we offer different heating systems. Find our wide range of models of heat pumps, heaters, solar heaters and even swimming pool exchangers High-performance, quality products that will allow you to enjoy your heated swimming pool fully and for longer. #Swimming pool heat pump, #Swimming pool heater, #Swimming pool heat exchanger|| |1252, #Solar swimming pool heating


Bâche à barres piscine Secu CLASSIC sur mesure

Customized Secu CLASSIC swimming pool bar cover

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3 reviews
26.85 €/m²
24,16 €/m²
Bâche à bulle 500µ standard 4 cotés SOL + GUARD - Géobubble

Standard 500µ bubble cover 4 sides SOL + GUARD - Géobubble

  • 5/5
1 review
11,26 €/m²
10,13 €/m²

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Bâche à barres pour piscine

Bar cover for swimming pool

Do you want to buy a bar cover? To help you in your choice, Distripool provides you with a complete guide dedicated to the purchase, installation and maintenance of a bar tarpaulin. This way, you will be able to know what dimensions each...

Bâche à hiver piscine

Pool winter cover

To protect your pool during the low season, the cover winter cover or winter cover is an essential accessory for your swimming pool. Distripool offers you a guide dedicated to purchasing and installing a winter cover. Find out how to...

Comment poser sa pompe à chaleur piscine

How to install your swimming pool heat pump

You want to install a heat pump for your swimming pool and you looking for help? Our practical guide to installing swimming pool heat pumps is here for you! We explain in detail the different elements to take and...

Guide de la piscine à structure béton

Guide to the concrete structure swimming pool

What is the price of a concrete swimming pool (materials and masonry)? How to properly locate the swimming pool in the garden? What do you need to know about the earthworks and masonry phases? How to install the parts to be sealed? So many questions...

Guide de la piscine en bloc polystyrène

Guide to the polystyrene block swimming pool

In our guide dedicated to purchasing and construction of a swimming pool in polystyrene kit, discover expert advice concerning the price of this type of swimming pool, the earthworks, the assembly of the block structure, the installation and the hydra connection...

Guide du liner piscine sur mesure

Customized swimming pool liner guide

The optimal waterproofing and aesthetic appearance of the swimming pool liner make it one of the most sought-after coatings in terms of finishes. If you also want to buy and install a liner, discover our dedicated technical guide. Distripool, you...

Guide filtration piscine

Swimming pool filtration guide

To keep the water in your swimming pool clean and healthy, it is essential to invest in a filtration system. But which system to favor? How to mount and calibrate this installation? Distripool answers all the questions you have...

Pièces à sceller piscine : Le guide

Parts to seal swimming pool: The guide

You are building your swimming pool or renovate it and you want to know more about the parts to be sealed? Discover our complete guide which explains in detail the different parts to be sealed necessary for your swimming pool, such as ...

Piscine coque en polyester

Polyester shell swimming pool

Vous cherchez à installer une piscine chez vous et vous vous intéressez aux piscines en coque polyester ? Nous avons élaboré un guide pour vous aider à comprendre les avantages de ce type de piscine, notamment leur robustesse, leur étanchéité et leur...

Qu'est ce qu'un électrolyseur piscine ?

What is it than a swimming pool electrolyser?

Are you looking for an effective and ecological solution to disinfect your swimming pool water? It's time to read our complete guide to swimming pool electrolyzers! Discover in detail the operation of electrolyzers and...

Volet roulant pour piscine

Rolling shutter for swimming pool

The rolling shutter is a major ally in preserving the quality of the water in your swimming pool. Above all, it is one of the most effective security systems on the market. Distripool offers a technical guide dedicated to swimming pool roller shutters in order to...