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The skimmers are part of the pool water suction circuit. They are located on the wall opposite the discharge nozzles and suck water from the surface. Pool skimmers incorporate a pre-filter which prevents larger vacuumed debris from entering the filtration circuit.

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Easy to assemble and robust, our swimming pool skimmers will ensure the maintenance of your pool for a long time. We have selected for you the best skimmers for liner pools and above ground pools. And if you need help assembling your skimmers, we will be happy to assist you.

A wide choice of swimming pool skimmers

At Distripool, we offer you a wide choice of skimmers for swimming pools. You will find liner pool skimmers and models that are suitable for both concrete pools and liner pools.

Consider the construction material of the pool and the thickness of the wall. For concrete pools there are different mouth lengths so that they adapt perfectly to the wall. If you have a liner pool or an above-ground pool, you will need to opt for a suitable skimmer. ABS plastic skimmers are perfect whatever the type of pond.

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A quality swimming pool skimmer is essential

First of all, thanks to the swimming pool skimmer you will be able to maintain correct circulation of the water in the swimming pool; avoiding algae and stagnation. In this way, we understand that it is the first link in the swimming pool filtration system. Thanks to the basket filter, it retains the residues which have deposited on the surface of the water.

It also serves as a drain during torrential rains. This swimming pool equipment prevents water from overflowing and flooding the garden. Thanks to our skimmers for above ground swimming pools, you can easily ensure water treatment. In fact, chlorine tablets can also be placed there so that they dissolve little by little. This process makes it possible to dilute the products (as they pass through the filter) and thus avoid their excessive concentration in the water. For all these same reasons, the pool skimmer will keep your pool pipes clean and this means your pool filtration system will last longer and indirectly save on replacement parts costs.

Finally, all this has positive consequences on the electricity consumption of the swimming pool, because if cleaning the swimming pool becomes less frequent, the bill does not increase!

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