INVERTER SILVERLINE FI swimming pool heat pump

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The swimming pool heat pumpSILVERLINEwith technology FULL INVERTER

The classic SILVERLINE model is a best seller at poolex, poolstar has decided to offer it with FULL INVERTER technology.

Its compressor with several speeds as well as its variable fan allow this heat pump to have efficient results but also one of the quietest on the market.

Always so easy to use with its electronic LED control that can be moved up to 10 m with Touch and go technology. Finally, its Twisted Tech exchanger with twisted titanium coil guarantees a very rapid rise in temperature.

FULL INVERTER technology at the best price.

WIFI module integrated into the heat pump

Swimming pool heat pump: SILVERLINE FI with FULL INVERTER technology

picto silverline inverter FI


Heat pumpreversible hot and cold self-defrosting

COP = 16: air 26°C and water 26°C

R32 gas

New R32 INVERTER compressorTOSHIBA.

Water flow sensorwater.

Gas pressure direct reader gauge .

Twisted tech Titanium exchanger compatible with salt water

Operation = - 7 °C


Anti-corrosion and Anti-UV ABS housing

Very silent - 20 dB at 10 m

calibrer sa pac inverter FI

Zoom on INVERTER technology?

poolex inverter

Already established in other markets such as heating and air conditioning domestic, Full Inverter technology allows operation smart of your heat pump.

The INVERTER technology has an oversized compressor, capable of operate at different frequencies to modulate the power supplied. It is also a variable speed fan that adapts to the needs of the evaporator

What are the advantages of an INVERTER swimming pool heat pump?

avantages pompe chaleur INVERTER

When of starting your heat pump, unlike a pump with conventional heat, the compressor starts gradually, which avoids voltage peaks on your electrical network, extends the duration compressor life and reduced consumption costs.

When the set temperature is far from the temperature of your pool, INVERTER technology increases the capacity of the heat pump for a more efficient rise in temperature. Conversely, during high season, and to maintain the set temperature, it operates at reduced power, this avoids inappropriate starts and stops, this reduces electrical costs and noise pollution.


Accessories included with your SILVERLINE INVERTER?


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