Peinture et résine époxy piscine

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Swimming pool paint is a waterproofing coating that is applied over a finishing coating. There are 2 types of swimming pool paints: compatible or not with a water-repellent coating. The colors available are the usual colors similar to liners, allowing you to achieve perfect integration of your pool into its environment and your home.

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Peinture époxy piscine : RevetPool

Epoxy pool paint: RevetPool

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Swimming pool paints are single-component resinous paints based on rubber chloride. This is used with an exclusive thinner, in order to create two coats with a dilution of 5% to 10%. Certain swimming pool paints can be applied to a water-repellent coating (with a specific hydrophobic adjuvant such as Sika), which allows for in-depth waterproofing.