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The outdoor swimming pool enjoys extraordinary popularity in homes. And for good reason, it brings joy to everyone, young and old. To meet demand, manufacturers have multiplied their offers, in order to adapt to all garden configurations and all budgets. Distripool brings together these different models in its catalog so that you can find the outdoor swimming pool of your dreams.

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Piscine en Kit polystyrène LUXE Rectangulaire

LUXE Rectangular Polystyrene Kit Pool

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8 reviews
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Piscine polyester ROME

ROME polyester pool

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Kit piscine polystyrène POSEIDON

POSEIDON polystyrene pool kit

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Piscine en kit polystyrène : DIAMOND

Polystyrene kit pool: DIAMOND

from: 5,800.00
Piscine en coque BYZANCE 8

BYZANCE shell pool 8

from: 10,965.60

Everyone has their own outdoor swimming pool: the selection criteria

Faced with the diversity of models offered, the wisest thing is to consider a few criteria which will guide you towards the equipment that suits you.

The type of use

Ask yourself the use you plan to make of your outdoor swimming pool. Is it dedicated to playing with children, swimming, do you want separate spaces between swimming and relaxation, do you prefer deep water or always have your feet, do you need a long length for training sportsman, are you considering installing a diving board in which case you need more depth

Answering all of these questions will help you identify the ideal type of outdoor pool for your family.

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The budget

The price range is vast. Depending on the use for which you intend it, the budget will not be the same. To determine the cost of your outdoor swimming pool, you must take into account the purchase price, as well as its installation with the work and installation. You must then add the expenses for its annual maintenance.

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The dimensions of your garden and the type of land

The dimensions of your garden as well as its configuration are important in making the right choice. Think about the location you plan to reserve for your outdoor swimming pool. You need to think in terms of space, including the possibility of going around it and the installation of the technical room. Think about its exposure: you must be able to count on the sun to heat your water and must take into account the trees which, in addition to giving it shade, drop plant debris and in particular leaves at the end of the day. summer and autumn.

Finally, take an interest in the nature of your land. You need a fairly flat and loose space. As for the basement, if it is made of rocks, you may encounter difficulties in digging the pool which potentially increase your budget.


Before you decide, go to your town hall to check the local regulations in force. In almost all cases, for an in-ground or semi-buried outdoor swimming pool, you must obtain a prior building permit.
You don't have to worry about security standards. All outdoor swimming pools offered by Distripool comply with French laws. They are notably equipped with the mandatory safety system intended to prevent the risk of drowning.

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The collection of outdoor swimming pools

Distripool Now that you have identified the type of pool you want, here are the different models available.

The small above-ground wooden swimming pool

The small above-ground swimming pool is logically the least expensive. It requires fewer raw materials and requires no work. Made of wood, it advantageously replaces the inflatable swimming pool and offers you a more interesting space. It is also much more aesthetic.

The above-ground wooden swimming pool is the ideal playground for children and allows them to take their first swims. Older children cannot swim there, but it offers you welcome moments of relaxation. When the heatwave rages, you happily cool off there. It is even advisable to spend a few minutes there before going to bed to sleep peacefully, even in very hot weather.


The large format wooden swimming pool

Wood is a warm and aesthetic material very popular for outdoor swimming pools. For a large octagonal swimming pool up to 8.60 meters long you have the choice between the above ground, semi-buried or buried swimming pool. You benefit from low-cost equipment whose installation is rudimentary. It does not require extensive work and its solidity guarantees its longevity.

You can assemble your pool yourself if it is above ground. If it is buried, its installation requires more skills, but it remains affordable for a non-professional.

The traditional concrete outdoor swimming pool

The traditional concrete outdoor swimming pool was for a long time the only one available on the market. You are banking on a solid and durable construction. Concrete guarantees the robustness of your pool, as well as impeccable resistance over time. It also has the advantage of adapting to all types of soil.

The concrete swimming pool is not affected by bad weather or temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, it requires a little more time than the others to be installed, but it is only a matter of weeks.

The price of the concrete swimming pool includes all equipment: liner covering, filtration system, piping, parts to be sealed, as well as all consumables (glue, Teflon, etc.). You must add the cost of the work which depends on the size of your pool, as well as the type of soil.

The basic offer corresponds to a rectangular pool, but everything is possible. Contact Distripool for a tailor-made project, we respond to all requests very quickly.


The outdoor swimming pool made of polystyrene blocks

The concept of the outdoor swimming pool made of polystyrene blocks is the same as that of the concrete swimming pool. The only thing that changes is the nature of the concrete blocks. Polystyrene offers excellent thermal insulation, which helps preserve the heat of your water, especially at night. To further optimize this natural property, Distripool reinforces the insulation using polystyrene formwork blocks, reinforced with steel, filled with concrete. You also have the safety and longevity of traditional construction at a lower cost.

Polystyrene blocks are just as robust and waterproof as concrete ones. They have the advantage of being much lighter, but also of being easily cut, which gives the structure significant adaptability.

Distripool offers a wide range of more or less traditional or original shapes. You can even enjoy double space with the L-shaped model for swimming, with a corner reserved for relaxation and for children.

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The polyester shell swimming pool

Synthetic polyester shell swimming pools have dethroned the concrete swimming pool due to the simplicity and speed of their installation, for impeccable resistance and excellent longevity. It is a perfectly waterproof material that does not rot. In return, you must make do with standard formats. In fact, the shell is made from a mold and is not customizable. Fortunately, the offer is wide enough for you to find the one that suits your garden and your desires.

Note that thanks to the addition of a polyurethane layer with a thickness of 2 centimeters, Distripool swimming pools are better protected and better insulated, which allows you to gain 3 to 5°C for the water temperature.

Finally, maintenance of the hull is reduced to a minimum, because the smooth coating prevents impurities from clinging to the walls. In addition to the time saved on a daily basis, you use fewer products and your work is less when you come out of winter storage.

Before ordering your swimming pool which will be delivered to you in one piece, make sure that you have the required access to transport it to your garden. By clicking on each of the models we offer, you access an exhaustive description, as well as all the details relating to the construction of your outdoor swimming pool. You have all the cards in hand to make your choice. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.