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"As it is not logical to write that for complaints, I wanted to congratulate your team for the creation of my liner Indeed, given the complexity of the creation I had some doubts about the difficulty of installation. Of course, we had to wait 3. good days for the swimming pool to be at the required level (80m3) but the result is there, it is perfect. The copings and the paving are still being assembled but the main thing is that the swimming pool is operational " Salvatore|| |1032

"Comme convenu par téléphone : bon pour accord. Règlement CB effectué par téléphone ce jour. Merci de votre gentillesse et de votre compétence." Dupuis

"Hello. Thank you for your responsiveness, ordered yesterday and received this morning, this evening everything is working. Pub to you.... Kind regards" Patrick.

"Hello, the product is installed and I am satisfied with the quality. Best regards" Stephanie

"As a result of my order this summer, and our journeys in deliveries I wanted to thank you for your efficiency in resolving the problems encountered" Michael

"Hello, Congratulations! I just checked your comments and I had never noticed the annotations near each entry. the connection and testing. Congratulations for your insight and I repeat again that a photograph is worth more than a long speech, especially more than 10,000 km away. A voucher is awarded to you for a ti' punch at the box. . In the meantime, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and thank you one last time for your pragmatism which you demonstrate with a responsiveness which clearly proves that you have a sense of business and respect for customer." Christophe

"Received the swimming pool on time. Pool in the process of filling!!!!!! Very easy installation. Good weather this weekend at our place, we will be able to take advantage of it!!!! !!!! A little cold all the same!!!!!! Thank you again for your intervention with your supplier. I will soon send you the photos of the installation of the felt and the liner. Very pretty. ....we are very happy and the friends who helped us find the process GREAT! We will definitely recommend it when we hear about the pool! Thanks again for the photos."

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