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Regularly analyzing your swimming pool water is imperative to preserve its quality and its cleanliness. You must therefore control the level of disinfectant, the pH, the alkalinity and the salinity of the water. For reliable analyses, you must use specific accessories. In this section, discover our range of electronic testers, connected photometers and analyzers to analyze your pool water with precision.

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What are the water indicators to analyze?

To preserve the quality and cleanliness of the water in your swimming pool, you must analyze several indicators:

 The pH (Hydrogen potential): it allows you to check the balance of the water. The pH of swimming pool water must be rather neutral. In general, the benchmark is 7.4. Above all, it must be between 7.2 and 7.6;
 The TH of the water (Hydrotimetric Title): it allows you to check the hardness of the water via the salt level. The TH of water of a swimming pool must be between 10 and 25°f (French degrees);
 The TAC of the water (Complete Alkalimeter Title): it allows you to check the alkalinity of the water. The TAC must be maintained between 80 and 120 mg/L (i.e. 8 and 12°f);
 The disinfectant rate: chlorine, bromine, salt electrolyzer The disinfectant rates vary depending on the type of treatment used. Depending on the results of the analyzes obtained, you simply need to use a suitable treatment to regulate or maintain a good water quality.

How to analyze your swimming pool water?

To analyze your swimming pool water accurately, you must use specific accessories. It there are several:

Manual colorimetric testers: these are strips to be dipped in a water sample. In function colors that appear on the strips, you will be able to know the concentration of the different products present in swimming pool water;
Reactive tablets and liquids: they mix with a water sample. The color obtained allows you to know the concentration of products present in water;
Electronic testers: these are devices equipped with a probe to be immersed in water. They analyze directly the salinity of the water, the level of disinfectant or even the pH (pH meter). The precise result is then displayed on a screen ;
The photometer: it allows you to measure various parameters such as the disinfectant level, pH, alkalinity and water hardness. It works by dipping a test strip into your pool and inserting it in the photometer to obtain precise analysis results;
Connected water analyzers: these are connected devices to be placed in the pool and which analyze the quality water in real time using several sensors. The recorded information is then transmitted to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app.

At Distripool, we have electronic testers, photometers and connected water analyzers. They You will allow you to accurately determine the quality of your pool water and adjust your treatment accordingly. depending on the results obtained. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for more information on our products.