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Combine ecology, nature and well-being with ourNordic baths ,handmade, in Finland. They will guarantee you moments ofrelaxation and pleasure, all year round.

Nordika is a Nordic bath brand that places a premium on hand-made manufacturing in Finland and, above all, in compliance with environmental standards.

All accessories and LDPE plastic tanks are also manufactured in Finland.

Enjoy thewell-being of theNordic bath while respecting nature. Invest in anauthentic pleasure product that can be used all year round, summer and winter.

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Nordic baths: Nordika


What is a Nordic bath?| ||1144

Traditionnellement, le bain nordique est un outdoor bath, made of wood and heated bywood stove, internal or external to the bath. The water must generally reach 37.5°C for an optimal moment ofrelaxation.

Formerly all made of wood, plastic tanks are starting to join traditions for more practicality.

Nordic baths are the ultimate products for moments of relaxationall year round. The Nordic countries are known as being the happiest and it is not for nothing, their way of life and their traditions are made to be that way. It's up to us to take inspiration from it in order to enjoy the little joys of life, starting with the Nordic bath!

How to use a Nordic bath?

Very simple to use, the bath Nordic is a pleasure accessible to all. You must first fill the water before starting the fire. When the water is filled, you can then light the fire, which will take 1-2 hours to heat your bath, depending on the power of your stove and the size of your bath.
Once at temperature, all you have to do is enjoy your hot bath!

Maintenance of your bath

As for cleaning, it will be done, quite simply, with a cloth and a classic cleaning product, like a bathtub.

How to choose your Nordic bath?

To choose your Nordic bath, you will need to take into account the number of people who will be in the bath at the same time and the location. It will therefore be necessary to take a sufficiently large bath but check that the size of the bath and the stove fits well into its destination.