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On Distripool, we provide you with a large collection of roller shutters to protect the water in your swimming pool. This accessory is both practical and aesthetic. Why buy a swimming pool roller shutter? The swimming pool roller shutter has several uses. Already, it allows you to keep the water in your pool clean and at temperature when you are not using it. This will save you time because you will no longer have to collect dead leaves and insects from the surface of the pool. But that's not all: with the roller shutter, you provide additional security for your family. You will be able to let your children play in the garden in complete safety, because your swimming pool is covered.


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No. 1: The pros and cons of a swimming pool shutter

The advantages of the swimming pool roller shutter

- A swimming pool roller shutter meeting the NF P90-308 standard is approved as a security system. It prevents falls into the pool for members of your family, especially children, as well as animals, domestic or wild, who could drown there.
- It facilitates pool maintenance avoiding contamination of the water by debris and insects.
- The above-ground pool cover maintains the water temperature and saves you from having to heat it.
- It limits the phenomenon of water evaporation.
- It is simple to use.
- By choosing a quality swimming pool roller shutter , you ensure its durability.
- From an aesthetic point of view, it is sober and fits perfectly into your landscape.

securite-enfant escalier-droit-volet-2

The disadvantages of the above-ground pool cover

- As it is not delivered assembled, you must take care of its installation. However, manufacturers now offer kits that are easy to use. You can also arrange for installation by a professional.
- Not all pool shapes are compatible with the installation of an above-ground pool cover.

2 The different types of above-ground pool cover

The first criterion for choosing your above-ground pool cover is its mode of operation.

1 Manual
The manual roller shutter is the most economical and the easiest to install. It unfolds and folds by operating its control wheel. This type of shutter has the advantage of being able to be motorized later, which allows you to sequence your investments.


2 Electric
Le volet électrique est doté d’un moteur qui vous évite les manipulations. Il est équipé d’une fin de course électronique pour stopper automatiquement son déploiement. En cas de coupure de courant, le volet peut être débrayé pour que vous puissiez toujours utiliser votre piscine.


3 Solar
The automatic solar swimming pool shutter is the renewable energy version of the electric shutter. In addition to saving energy, its installation is simpler, because you do not have to pull a cable to your pool. It is rechargeable, thanks to its 24-volt auxiliary waterproof battery charger.

volet hors sol piscine solaire

4 Mobile
The mobile swimming pool roller shutter is mounted on rails, which makes it retractable. It thus adapts to rounded shapes and with cut sides. Once folded, you move the roller and its support back, which frees up circulation around your pelvis.

volet mobile piscine

N.B. Distripool also offers you a range ofsubmerged swimming pool shutters.

3 What shapes of swimming pools for roller shutters

The roller shutter adapts to many shapes of swimming pools:

- square;
- rectangular;
- in L;
- with one end opposite the axis of the shutter rounded, with cut sides or with a projection for example for stairs (trapezoid, rounded or with right angles);
- if your swimming pool has rounded edges or cut sides on both sides, or is oval, it is often possible to adapt a mobile roller shutter.

forme-rectangualaire piscine-escalier-roman piscine-avec-escalier-droit

piscine-escalier-trapeze escalier-roman-sur-cote semi-octo


With a larger budget, it is possible to integrate a roller shutter of the following shapes:


|| |1464

semi-ovale en-forme-cone piscine-en-forme-L

En revanche, le volet piscine hors sol ne convient pas pour les formes en haricot ou les formes libres.

4 How to take measurements of a shutter?

When you order your swimming pool roller shutter, you must enter its precise measurements on your order form. They must be taken between the walls of the pool and at water level.

1.Width between the legs of the shutter support will be pelvis width + 14 cm.

axe volet piscine 14 cm

2.Pool dimensions = measured every meter at water level from the reel.

prise de cote tous les metres volets

3.Angles = sharp (right angles), or rounded by specifying the radius in centimeters, or with broken edges by specifying the length (X) and width (Y) trimmed on each angle and the dimension (Z) of the pan (see diagram).

angle bassin a definir

4.Specify the cut in shape or square, particularly in the presence of a staircase or if the corners are not sharp. Shaped cuts are more expensive.

decoupe equerre ou en forme

5.Position of skimmers: for each skimmer, you must specify its position directly above the covering or protruding (in cm); indicate their position on the pool plan; if they are on the width, specify their position in relation to the reel. If your pool is not equipped with skimmers, specify what your filtration system is by attaching a plan of your pool.

position des skimmers

6.In case of overflow, indicate its location in relation to the reel. (optional rods must be ordered)

7.Stairs: constant radius novels, straight or trapezoidal, specify all dimensions as for the corners of the swimming pool. For special cases, attach the pool plan.

5 How to mount your electric above-ground shutter

1 Preparing the pool

For an electric shutter, you must start by installing a conduit between the technical room and the pool to supply the roller. It should emerge from the ground 14cm from the edge of the pool. To fix the reel, provide two blocks: L100 x H20 x L30 cm, in concrete dosed at 350 kg/m3.

2 Cutting the copings Cut out the coping to clear the way for the cover. Allow a dimension of 11 x 23 cm for curved copings. For protruding copings, refer to the table below.

decoupe des margelles ULMO PISCINE

decoupe margelle volet tableau

3 Cable routing

Remove the reel cover and remove the electronic card protection plate. Place the block above the duct connected to the sector. Cut the section of the sheath to fit the reel structure.

passage cable

4 Positioning and fixing the axis

Assemble the reel axle with the side parts of the reel (motor side and bearing side). The roller must be positioned perpendicular to the length of the pelvis. Adjust it by measuring the diagonals. Then attach the side bases of the reel.

position axe par rapport aux rayons

5 Positioning the blades and clipping

The blades descend from the front of the winding shaft. If your skimmers are positioned along the length of the pool, it is recommended to install 2 mm thick stainless steel skimmer flanges to prevent the blades from blocking.

Clip the blades. A click confirms that the hook is effective.

The straps are attached when adjusting the limit switches. Check that the passage of the blades is free over the entire length of the pool. To comply with standard NF P90-308, the cumulative clearance must remain less than 7 cm.

clipsage lames volets

6 Installation of flanges

The installation of the safety flanges is carried out on the wall or on the base. You may have to groove the coping.

bride fixation sur paroi volet

sur arase fixation volet

7 The interview

Carry out scrupulous maintenance to increase the longevity of your swimming pool roller shutter.

- Regularly check that the slats are properly hooked together.
- The safety straps and straps must be checked each time they are used.
- The straps fixing to the reel axle must always be correctly clamped and equally distributed.
- The ends of the blades must remain aligned to avoid jamming.
- No caps or fins should be missing.
- You must ensure water quality in all seasons. During the season of use, open the above-ground pool cover for at least two hours a day to ventilate your body of water.
- Fold the flap when subjecting your water to treatment.
- Keep the shutter cover clean using a degreasing product, but never aggressive. Do not use an abrasive sponge. Scale the joints between the blades if necessary to maintain their mobility.

8 Wintering

-  Clean your shutter scrupulously before wintering.
- Check the water level.
- Close the cover and lock the safety straps.
- Block the control device (key, remote control, application, etc.).