8x4 swimming pool: A timeless classic!

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Building a swimming pool in your garden is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you have the necessary surface area, the 8x4 swimming pool offers you a spacious pool in which you can practice swimming and enjoy quality time with your family.

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The 8x4 swimming pool in concrete kit

The 8x4 pool inconcrete kit or masonry pool represents the traditional buried pool. This model is particularly economical. On the other hand, you will have little choice for its shape which must be geometric. You build your swimming pool according to the rules of masonry, using concrete blocks or reinforced shuttering blocks, filled with concrete. Our 8x4 masonry swimming pool offers two distinct spaces: one for swimming in an L shape, the other for splashing around with the children or for relaxing, rectangular in shape.

The 8x4 polystyrene swimming pool

The swimming pool range8x4 polystyrene has the advantage of saving you money energy for water heating, thanks to its double insulation. The polystyrene formwork blocks, reinforced with steel and filled with concrete, have the same characteristics as those of the traditional swimming pool: robustness, safety and durability, for a lower price. The 8x4 polystyrene swimming pool range is made up of several models.

- It can be the same shape as the concrete kit swimming pool, with two distinct zones.
- You can opt for a classic rectangular shape.
- The natural kit swimming pool is separated into two basins: one for swimming, the other for the plants which participate in water filtration.
- The rectangular swimming pool with Ofiltre block including the monobloc filtration system with its technical room are entirely assembled in the factory and tested by a technician.
- The connected swimming pool which allows you, thanks to home automation, to control its filtration, lighting and heat pump from your smartphone. You are also in contact with a system which analyzes the parameters of your water and advises you on the maintenance to be carried out to keep it crystal clear.

The 8x4 wooden swimming pool

The 8x4 wooden swimming pool is semi-buried, which allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of its cladding. Its wood from northern Europe is guaranteed to resist water. Trees from Scandinavia and Russia grow in hostile climatic conditions, which gives them a particularly fine grain, as well as very small nodes. This is the reason why this wood offers exceptional mechanical resistance among all resinous species. Furthermore, since this wood is impregnable, it is treated to resist all forms of mold and fungus, as well as against insects, including termites.

The 8x4 polyester shell swimming pool

The 8x4 pool offers great ease of installation. It is prefabricated and the different models have distinct shapes, in order to offer you the widest choice. The shell is robust and, thanks to high-end finishes, waterproofing is guaranteed.

Our swimming pools inpolyester shell benefit from a gelcoat finish. The result offers a smooth texture which protects the shell from dirt which finds no grip on the walls. This allows you to reduce maintenance operations.

On the other hand, a polyurethane layer with a thickness of 2 centimeters is added over the entire surface of the wall. It protects the pool, but also insulates it, which allows you to save money on water heating. We invite you to browse the range of our 8x4 polyester shell swimming pool models, in order to select the depth and fittings you want