Piscine composite rectangulaire ou octogonale

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With our 30 years of experience in the world of residential swimming pools, we now offer our range of composite above-ground swimming pools. Indeed, in our range of above-ground, buried or semi-buried pools, you will find high quality composite swimming pools.

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But why choose a composite pool?

This type of bathing area has several clear advantages.
First of all, it is a high resistance pool with great reliability over time. The aluminum structure of this swimming equipment provides great resistance to bad weather and pressure.

No possible corrosion, no deformation, with these honeycomb panels derived from the aeronautical industry. And great resistance to shocks as well as UV.

In addition, this technology allows unrivaled thermal insulation compared to an above-ground wooden swimming pool. By better retaining the heat of the water, you will be able to enjoy your nautical space more often. And by using yourheat pumpless often for example.

Then, with unparalleled rigidity, a composite pool is very easily assembled in less than an hour. You won't need to be a great handyman to assemble your bathing area. Simply provide a flat surface like a slab, and you will be able to benefit from your composite pool without delay. For the comfort and pleasure of all.

And as with all above-ground swimming pools, no administrative formalities are necessary. No building permit and no declaration of work to be done, total simplicity for setting up your project.

In addition, its design is totally trendy and discreet. With its anthracite gray color, your composite pool will adapt to your outdoor environment without any constraints. While adding a modern and sophisticated touch.

When purchasing a composite above-ground pool, you will have to choose between different criteria. First the size you want. Depending on the model chosen, you can purchase a swimming pool up to 7 meters long and 4.44 meters wide. With this wide choice of sizes, you are sure to find equipment that will suit your garden and your family.

In addition to the chosen size, the shape is an important aspect for your project. Whatever your needs, we can offer you a rectangular, square or octagonal composite pool model. Whatever the layout of your exterior, the size of your land or your constraints, you will find a shape that will fit in perfectly.


Our collection of quality composite pools at the right price

By choosing a composite pool in our online store, you will be taking the option of simplicity and quality. Whatever model suits your project, you will have all the necessary equipment when you receive your purchase at home. Everything is included with the filtration system, the staircase or even the liner. This is also a real saving of time and simplicity for you.

No need to purchase all items separately. It is therefore a complete pool that you buy with free delivery throughout France. And within 5 to 10 days, ensuring you quickly enjoy an original, high-end, designer, durable and inexpensive bathing space. Furthermore, if you want additional equipment such as a bubble cover to keep your water warm, you will find everything in our store.


In terms of innovations, Distripool now offers composite swimming pools with a hemp structure. These more environmentally friendly models are 100% Made in France. Made from natural fibers and high-quality PVC, these models provide the same qualities as a classic composite pool.

At Distripool.fr, we always have the same quality requirements whatever the type of above-ground swimming pool that we offer you. In addition to offering you an inexpensive composite pool, you should know that this material is guaranteed for 15 years. We are convinced of the quality and reliability of our range. And this is also why the accessories of our composite pools are guaranteed for 2 years. By choosing our partners carefully and competently, we ensure our customers optimal support and certain peace of mind.

To conclude, we support you from A to Z during your purchase and the realization of your project. Our specialist team is at your disposal all day to provide you with advice and information if you need it. The same goes for any after-sales service. We attach great importance to your satisfaction. Also, our technicians are also at your disposal if necessary.

The composite swimming pool: an innovation serving your well-being

The composite pool is the result of advanced technology which combines aesthetics, durability and ease of installation. It reflects a constant search for excellence to offer each owner a unique bathing experience.

This innovation was born from the desire to combine the advantages of different types of swimming pools while eliminating their disadvantages.

A material of choice for perfect integration

Composite is a modern material that offers great flexibility in terms of design. Its texture and appearance can be modified to suit all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

This is also reflected in its form.Rectangular,octagonalor elongated octagonal, we offer various models of composite swimming pools to satisfy all desires.

So, whether you want a pool with a sleek look or a pool that fits perfectly into a natural environment, composite is the material of choice.

Opting for a composite pool also means having freedom of installation. You can leave your pool above ground, bury it partially or completely. Another advantage to be attributed to the composite.


Simplified maintenance for more free time

One of the great advantages of the composite pool is its ease of maintenance. Unlike traditional swimming pools, especially wooden ones which may require regular and expensive treatments, the composite swimming pool is naturally resistant to algae, mold and discoloration.

This means fewer chemicals, less cleaning and more time to enjoy your pool. And that’s without counting on its excellent lifespan. A composite pool can offer a lifespan of up to 50 years. You just need to change the liner every 10 years.

Distripool: your trusted partner for the purchase of your composite pool

Opting for a composite pool is choosing a long-term investment. Thanks to its robustness and resistance to bad weather, it does not warp or crack and retains its beauty year after year. Additionally, at Distripool, we are so convinced of the quality of our composite pools that we offer an exceptional 15-year warranty. Distripool: your trusted partner for the purchase of your composite pool.