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You may not know it, but swimming pool filtration is essential to keep pool water clean and healthy for your whole family! Discover our collection: A group to filter an above-ground swimming pool: essential equipment! We sell groups to filter above ground pools on our online store. They generally consist of a pump and a sand filter. Whatever the volume of your swimming pool and your budget, you will inevitably find equipment adapted to your pool. In any case, rest assured: we only sell equipment with very good value for money on our online store. You can only be satisfied!

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Aqualoon : Média filtrant révolutionnaire

Aqualoon: Revolutionary filter media

à partir de : 28.99
Groupe filtration Poolstyle

Poolstyle filtration unit

  • 3/5
4 reviews
from: 206,10
Groupe de filtration piscine à sable LUXE

LUXE sand pool filtration group

from: 268.85
Skimmer filtrant à cartouche

Cartridge filter skimmer

from: 329,00
Kit filtration piscine PREMIUM

PREMIUM swimming pool filtration kit

from: 746,00
Bloc filtration silencieux écologique BIO FILTRE

Ecological silent filtration block BIO FILTER

  • 4.7/5
3 reviews
from: 1,189.00
Groupe filtration Filtrinov FB-12

Filtrinov FB-12 filtration unit

from: 1,529,00
Groupe filtration Filtrinov MX-18

Filtrinov MX-18 filtration unit

  • 4/5
2 reviews
from: 2,477.00
Coffre en PVC hors-sol : DISTRI-BOX

Above-ground PVC box: DISTRI-BOX

from: 2,640.46
Mur filtrant piscine : Filtrinov

Swimming pool filter wall: Filtrinov

  • 5/5
1 review
from: 2 716,00
Local enterré Capot Rocher : DISTRI-BOX

Buried premises Hood Rock: DISTRI-BOX

from: 2 961,00
Groupe filtration Filtrinov MX-25

Filtrinov MX-25 filtration unit

from: 3,023,00

Above ground pool filtration

Want to know more about pool filtration? Are you hesitating between two groups to filter your above-ground pool? The filtration group for your swimming pool is an essential element for your pool.

In fact, whether for your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, filtration is essential to keep the water clean and healthy for your whole family!

Filtering water first eliminates foreign bodies that cannot be dissolved in water. Indeed, the accumulation of impurities and stagnation directly influence its state. In addition, this allows the entire system of the filtration kit to properly diffuse the disinfectant such as chlorine for example. And this therefore ensures the quality of the water in your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool.

Our collection of swimming pool filtration kits

At Distripool, we put our 33 years of experience at the service of our customers. So, we have selected the best filtration kits for your swimming pool. While preserving your budget. On our online store you will find groups to filter your above-ground swimming pool. They generally consist of a pump and a filter. These kits are perfectly suited whatever the volume of water in your swimming area. For example, you can discover our range of sand filters. But you can also use different filter media. In fact, you can, for example, use recycled glass in your filtration kit. This helps improve the quality of your swimming pool filtration. Or you can choose to try our revolutionary polyethylene-based media. Easy to handle and very effective, this media is compatible with all available sand filters. And in fact, with all our filtration kits.

In addition to traditional filtration kits, you can also choose a filtration block, i.e. a group in a single set. Without buried pipes, they considerably reduce space requirements. In the same spirit, the filtration wall, or filtering wall, is practical and adaptable. It is integrated directly into the structure of your swimming pool. And in fact, there is no hydraulic network to install.

The Biofilter is an ecological filtration system. Quiet, the low consumption of this filtration kit allows you to save on your electricity bill. Connection via a solar power system is entirely possible. In addition, it takes up little space, because it does not require a technical room. As you will have understood, these types of filtration groups are extremely discreet. You can also opt for a buried location, for example with a rock appearance to fit perfectly into your garden.

Depending on the model chosen, you can also add options to your kit to filter your above-ground pool. Or of course buried. Like color, Ph regulation, or a by-pass kit. To conclude, we are at your disposal to advise you during your purchase of your filtration group. Time required for good filtration, installation, start-up, filtering level, our team of specialists will answer all your questions.

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