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Liner staircases have been popular for several years. They allow you to enter and exit the pool in complete safety, especially with children and people with reduced mobility. In this category, Distripool offers cutting packages for yourliner for your stairs made of masonry or concrete. Distripool manufactures all shapes of stairs: Roman staircase, straight staircase, corner staircase, submerged beach, technical pit for shutters... The The dimensions of the stairs are taken to the nearest mm.

The dimensioning of a swimming pool staircase

The dimensioning of your staircase is subject to rules that you must respect in order to have a liner that will adapt perfectly. Here are some elements:

- Precision, accuracy, symmetry and regularity of dimensions is essential.

- The staircase must not have any imperfections (poor plumb, poor level).

- The edges must be at right angles or 90° (without being sharp so as not to damage the liner).

- The outgoing corners are more sensitive to blows which could cause damage or a hole in the liner (no guarantee on this point)

prise cote escalier piscine conseil 2

Definition of a standard staircase:

All the packages you see on our WEB site are basically considered standard staircases. If you do not respect these points, the stairs are subject to non-standard billing. Moreover, in some cases, it will be complicated to manufacture them.

1 - Staircase made up of 4 steps maximum.We strongly advise against building a staircase with more than 5 steps, in fact we cannot guarantee perfect installation.

2 - Width and flatness of the steps will be constant.

3 - The horizontal radii (pool radius on the last pool counter step) must be straight, rounded with a radius of 5/10 or 15 cm.

4 - Vertical rays must be at right angles.

5 - The nose of your step must be raw.

6 - The height and step surfaces must be constant

7 - The vertical radii of the 1st step can be rounded, the radius must simply be less than 25 cm| ||1339

Si vous ne respectez pas les 7 conditions, nous serons obligés de vous facturer la plus value d'escalier non-standard on this link

escalier standard liner piscine

The essential points to know:

- It is necessary to have at least 18 cm of water on the first step. That is to say that H1 will be approximately 28 to 30 cm. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the hold of the liner, in fact it is necessary to have a certain weight of water so that the liner does not slip during installation.

hauteur eau recommande escalier

- It is impossible to create vertical rays on all steps. Only the first step can be made with a rounding. See diagram below.

cas particulier

- It is recommended to position a discharge on the first step of the staircase.

- The horizontal angles between the tread plates and the risers must be square or right angles.

- If you have ordered a frieze, its pattern can be resized at the level of the staircase if the height of the latter is greater than the height of the 1st step.

- We remind you that the support provided to receive your liner must not be airtight. It is therefore excluded to install a liner on an acrylic staircase for example.

We strongly advise against manufacturing a staircase with more than 4 risers, we cannot guarantee perfect installation. On the other hand, the liner package will be upgraded to a non-standard price.