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Do you use a swimming pool electrolyzer to maintain your pool and keep it in good condition? Please note that we provide you with cells specially designed for this equipment. Our selection of cells for electrolyzers We work in close collaboration with a French manufacturer who builds generic cells for electrolyzers: Sterilor, Zodiac, Compuchlor, Clearwater, Chloromaric, etc. If you decide to buy your electrolyzer cell on Distripool, know that you will necessarily be satisfied with its quality/price ratio as well as its performance. You can trust our expertise: we are the specialists in online swimming pool sales!

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Cellule de remplacement TURBO SALT

TURBO SALT replacement cell

from: 99,00
Cellule compatible POOL TECHNOLOGIE : distributeur

POOL TECHNOLOGY compatible cell: distributor

  • 4/5
3 reviews
from: 219,00
Cellule d'électrolyseur STERILOR HC 2000/3000

STERILOR HC 2000/3000 electrolyzer cell

  • 4.5/ 5
2 reviews
from: 272,00
Cellule électrolyse Salt-line

Salt-line electrolysis cell

from: 324,00
Cellule electroyseur bio-Pool (Nouvelle génération )

Bio-Pool electroyser cell (New generation)

  • 5/ 5
1 review
from: 329,00
Cellule d'électrolyseur SYSTEM 7

SYSTEM 7 electrolyzer cell

  • 3/5
3 reviews
from: 259,00
 Cellule Electrolyseur SMGC®- SOTREM

SMGC®- SOTREM Electrolyser Cell

from: 319,00
Cellule d'électrolyseur COMPUCHLOR   - PROCOPI

COMPUCHLOR electrolyzer cell - PROCOPI

  • 5/5
1 review
from: 269,00
Cellule compatible POOL TECHNOLOGIE®

POOL TECHNOLOGIE® compatible cell

from: 364,00
Cellule d'électrolyseur EI- ZODIAC

EI-ZODIAC electrolyzer cell

from: 372,60
Cellule d'électrolyseur POOLMAID

POOLMAID electrolyzer cell

from: 378,00
Cellules originales de la marque CORELEC

Original CORELEC brand cells

from: 399,00
Cellule d'électrolyseur JD SEL

JD SEL electrolyzer cell

from: 329,00
Cellule d'électrolyseur CLORILUX

CLORILUX electrolyzer cell

from: 471.59

Understand how an electrolysis cell works?

Structure of a cell

An electrolysis cell consists of a set of electrodes, in the form of titanium plates or grids, covered with precious metals such as ruthenium or iridium, housed in a specific housing. The cell is generally integrated into the filtration system thanks to a by-pass assembly and is connected to an electrolyser as well as an electrical box, necessary for its operation.

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Ecological contribution of Bio-Pool:

Our main cell manufacturer is the companyBio-Pool based in France in Toulouse: Here is their ecological commitment: "our commitment to the environment has led us to develop a vast range of more than 200 electrolysis cells compatible with devices from major brands. This wide range of products allows our users to replace only the faulty electrode, thus reducing the costs associated with the complete replacement of the device while limiting the ecological footprint".

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Un service client de qualité chez Bio-Pool et Distripool

At Bio-Pool and Distripool, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our brands' concerns! We are determined to provide complete support in the selection and compatibility of electrolysis cells with existing equipment. Our team, made up of experienced specialists, is ready to answer any questions and share sound advice, ensuring you have a smooth and high-quality user experience.

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Cell maintenance tips

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Operation and maintenance of electrodes

When the electrodes pass current from the cathode to the anode, this results in a natural deposition of limescale on the cathode and its gradual disappearance from the anode. To reduce this deposit, a regular polarity inversion is carried out, allowing the cells to be cleaned and an optimal chlorine level to be maintained in the pool. This process avoids the need for manual acid cleaning and the handling of chemicals. In addition, you should know that the majority of cells on the market are self-cleaning.

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Cell replacement

Well maintained, the cells have an estimated lifespan of between 5,000 and 10,000 hours. Ultimately, it is nevertheless necessary to replace them. You can get original or compatible cells without any problem.

Checks and diagnosis

To check the optimal operation or wear of a cell, an ammeter must be used: this makes it possible to precisely measure the voltage or amperage across the cell terminals. Voltage or amperage lower than factory settings indicates significant wear or scaling of the equipment.


Tips during wintering

It is recommended to stop production of the electrolyzer during winter storage. The cell can be kept dry or left in place without being powered. If the filtration operates for a few hours per day, this is enough for the pH regulation to be maintained: the acidity of the water will thus be controlled.

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How to install a cell for your swimming pool electrolyser?

Be careful not to exceed the salt level recommended by the manufacturer of the original appliance!

Assembly procedure :

> Turn off filtration.

> Turn off the electrolyzer if it is not already controlled by filtration

> Close the valves which supply the cell, if you have one on your hydraulics and make sure that there is no more pressure in the pipe.

> Unscrew the cell from its vessel or from the pipe as the case may be.

> Déconnectez les liaisons électriques de la cellule.

(or from the electrolysis box only for cells supplied by the cable)

> Replace the used cell with the new cell .

Wiring precaution :

If the electrical connection is keyed (required mounting direction), reassemble the cell following the keying.|| |1934

Sinon, respectez la consigne de raccordement indiquée sur l'étiquette accrochée à la cellule ou inscrite sur le culot de cellule dans le cas des cellules compatibles STERILOR.

We remind you that these wiring precautions are essential because a poor connection will have the effect of damaging the cell and voiding the warranty.

> Check that the seal is in place in its housing .

> Screw the cell back onto its vase or onto the pipe as the case may be.

>Check that the plates or grids of the cell are in the direction of the water flow. Please note, some cells have a key which allows the cell to be correctly positioned in its vessel in relation to the water flow, please take this into account.

>Reopen the valves if necessary.

>Rallumez la filtration.

>Make sure there are no leaks.

>Turn on the electrolyser again if it is not already controlled to filtration.

How to clean your swimming pool electrolyser cell? ZELIA model from CCEI