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CCEI is a French brand manufacturing innovative equipment for swimming pools. It has existed since 1973 and therefore has more than 40 years of experience in the sector. 3 product ranges exist: electrical boxes for water filtration, a range of electrolysers and dosing devices for water treatment, but also LED lighting.

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CCEI: Pioneers in LED lighting for swimming pools

Do you want to extend your swimming until late in the evening and create a warm atmosphere around and in your swimming pool? ThenLED lighting from CCEI are made for you! Around 120,000 projectors are manufactured and sold each year by this company, in more than 45 countries. Their catalog includes more than 90 LED lighting references: we can truly say that they are the leaders in this field!

CCEI offers LED projectors to screw directly into your swimming pool for greater ease. What's more, you can even control your projectors with an app on your smartphone and all this via wifi. You can regulate the intensity of the light or even its color with just one click.

Automated solutions for water treatment from CCEI

The water contained in your swimming pool is very sensitive to the proliferation of bacteria, germs, viruses or even fungi. This is in fact due to the humidity and heat of your pond which will accelerate their growth. In addition, foreign bodies brought by bathers or even when the pool is not covered (dust, leaves, soaps) will fuel this proliferation. This is why regular measurement of different parameters is essential to know how to treat your water.

Generally speaking, it is not easy to decide which method to choose for treating your swimming pool water. There are a ton of products and techniques, each more different than the last; but how to find your way? In fact, several general rules should be known if you want to maintain your pond. First, the treatment products are as important as the filtration system! You will be able to choose between different products such as:

-chlorine: This is the most common and most used solution. Chlorine is a chemical that acts against bacteria, algae and fungi. The downside of chlorine is that it will sting your eyes when you dive into the water.
-bromine: Bromine disinfects your pool while being an anti-algae. It eliminates microorganisms from your pool and will be effective when the pH is above 7 in the water.
- Lsalt electrolysis: This is an economical, ecological method and above all possible with all swimming pools. Aelectrolyzerwill decompose the salt in the swimming pool to obtain natural chlorine; which will therefore not sting your eyes.
-UV rays: You will need to purchase a reactor or sterilizer with a UV lamp. The latter will diffuse ultraviolet rays which will be able to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. Your water will then be deeply purified, without chemicals.
- Lozone: You will need to inject ozone into the water of your swimming pool. It is a natural gas which will be effective against bacteria and viruses.
- Lactive oxygen: it is in the form of hydrogen peroxide. The active oxygen will eliminate microorganisms and algae without irritating your eyes or skin. It is preferably used for small ponds.

However, if you have a temporary problem such as algae or unwanted limescale, you can use anti-algae and anti-limescale. You will always need to have pH+ and pH- products to adjust the pH of your pool.

Moreover, CCEI began marketing solutions for water treatment a little over 20 years ago. Their catalog of devices is there to automatically regulate the pH and/or redox of your swimming pool. Indeed, regulating this pH is entirely necessary for effective water treatment. This pH must be between 7.0 and 7.6 in order to keep the chlorine content stable.

All this with the aim of preventing a proliferation of algae in your swimming pool and ensuring increased comfort during your swim. For example, one of their flagship solutions is theZelia Pod which allows you to stabilize the pH and redox of your pool.

To conclude on CCEI

In short, CCEI is a company specializing in swimming pool equipment and leader in the LED lighting market. It is also recognized for its range of water treatment products. So don’t hesitate to check out their different products sold on!