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Distripool vous propose dans sa boutique en ligne dédiée au SPA gonflable tout simplement ce qui se fait de mieux sur le marché. En effet, la marque Netspa est une marque reconnue pour ce type d'équipement. Elle appartient au groupe Poolstar, spécialiste des spas et de l'équipement de piscine résidentielle depuis 2006. Ce groupe est français et son siège social se situe dans les Bouches du Rhône

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Spa Gonflable NETSPA ASPEN

NETSPA ASPEN Inflatable Spa

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from: 349,00
Spa gonflable Silver 5 à 6 places  - NETSPA

Silver inflatable spa 5 to 6 places

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	Spa semi rigide NetSpa VITA

NetSpa VITA semi-rigid spa

from: 749,00
Spa semi rigide Octopus - NetSpa

Octopus semi-rigid spa - NetSpa

  • 4.4/5
5 reviews
from: 849,00
Mobilier pour spa Netspa

Netspa spa furniture

from: 469,00

Netspa: After-sales service made in France directly from the manufacturer

Know-how made in France and consequently a much more efficient after-sales service. But it is also now recognized internationally with branches in Spain, Italy, and Germany. In short, it is once again a true Spa professional that we offer. Whose quality and competence blend perfectly with our requirements. And therefore in particular with their Netspa brand.

These high-end spas at low prices offer you fully equipped packs when you purchase with a tarpaulin, insulating cover or even cartridge for the filtration system.

In addition, the motorization part is guaranteed for 2 years across the entire catalog. A guarantee of seriousness and durability over time. Compared to discount and low-end spas which benefit from a warranty of barely 6 months. It's a real comfort for your purchase of a wellness pool.

Moreover, engine maintenance is particularly easy. Fixed on the outside, they are removable and easy to use with their control screens. In fact, there is no need to empty your pool to repair and maintain the motor.

The motor units of the Netspa brand wellness areas are always multifunctional. This means that everything is included in a single engine. Bubbles, heating, filtration, this innovative and high-end motor also allows rapid heating for an ideal temperature. Intelligent, the heating turns off when the water reaches 42 degrees.

With Netspa: Wide range of inflatable and semi-rigid spas

The Netspa range is wide and includes inflatable or semi-rigid spas. First, inflatable spas like theMontanaoffer you a large format for the whole family. Round shape, 4 to 6 seats, with a capacity of 930 liters, its designer exterior covering makes it an original but discreet and chic product.

Including the insulating tarpaulin which also serves as safety equipment . Once installed, it is impossible for a child to enter the pool.

With the same guarantees of quality, the Netspa Caïman spa model will be your choice if you want a square wellness pool. With its simple assembly and its discreet and designer covering, it will fit perfectly into your space.

Are you looking for an octagonal spa? Choose a modelPython. It will surprise you with its capacity of 850 liters. Safety is always essential because the 10 mA differential socket ensures optimal protection, as with all Netspa spas.