Le bonheur pour les plus petits : nos piscines pour enfants

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What better way for your children to enjoy the summer than with a swimming pool specially designed for them ? At Distripool, we are proud to present our new range of children's swimming pools. These innovative products are designed to provide little ones with a safe and fun aquatic experience

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A swimming pool for small spaces is possible

When you have a small garden, installing a large swimming pool is often not possible. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the pleasures of a swimming pool. At Distripool we offer wooden and tubular children's swimming pools with dimensions designed to fit easily into all spaces. Whether you have a small garden or simply a terrace, you can install a swimming pool to delight your children or grandchildren.

These models for children are also perfect if you do not want to undertake major work to install a swimming pool. No need to dig or do earthworks. A flat floor is enough to set up one of our children's pools. You will appreciate the financial and time savings that these small children's pools offer you.

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Optimal security for your peace of mind

Safety is our top priority, and this translates into every aspect of the design of our children's pools. The walls of our small children's pools prevent accidental overflows, while the rounded edges minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, the pool's non-slip coating helps prevent slips and falls, ensuring a safer swimming experience for your children.

In addition, all our small wooden swimming pools are delivered with an automatically retracting safety cover which prevents unsupervised swimming while protecting the water from dirt.

These children's pools, although small, are also not short of fun. Their compact size allows your children to enjoy the joys of water in complete safety. The depth of these pools is adapted so that the little ones can easily touch the bottom, thus giving them greater confidence when exploring the aquatic environment. But make no mistake, these small pools provide ample space for your kids to swim, splash, and play to their heart's content.

The whole family can enjoy the pleasures of water with these small swimming pools. Young and old will be able to find themselves in a perfect pool to cool off, have fun and laugh together. Enough to spend wonderful moments from the first sunny days.

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Robust structure for long-lasting use of your children's pool.

Quality is at the heart of our concerns, and this is reflected in the robust design of our children's pools. Although our children's pools are affordable, they are still strong and durable so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Our models of wooden children's swimming pools have an interlocking wooden structure of substantial thickness to ensure an excellent lifespan. They are guaranteed for 2 years and thanks to the autoclave treatment, the wood resists multiple external attacks (insects, fungi, humidity, etc.).

The structure of the tubular children's pools in rust-resistant steel guarantees their solidity and durability, even in the face of the boundless energy of children.

Whatever model you choose, these small children's pools are designed to withstand even the most turbulent play, ensuring that your investment will last for many summer seasons.

Your children enjoy the joys of the swimming pool sheltered from the elements.

We know how important it is for you to protect your children from the sun's harmful rays, wind and insects. This is why some of our tubular children's pools are equipped with a protective dome. This dome, easy to install and remove, provides constant protection throughout the day. It allows your children to fully enjoy their swimming pool, while giving you peace of mind.

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Easy installation and maintenance for all our children's pools

With our children's pools, the fun starts from the moment you install it. The wooden models have an interlocking structure which allows quick assembly.

The tubular design of thefreestanding children's poolsmakes assembly easy, allowing you to quickly set up your children's new favorite play space .

Plus, cleaning and maintaining these small pools is child's play, thanks to the cartridge filter provided. Once assembled, the children's pool is ready to use, enough to delight the most impatient. The filter is adapted to the size of the small children's pool to guarantee optimal filtration and maximum water cleanliness. And since they are small pools, they are quick to maintain.

So you can spend more time enjoying your children's laughter and less time worrying about pool maintenance.

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A wide choice of styles and colors to please you

At Distripool, we know that you like to have choice. This is why we have selected a wide variety of children's pool models.

As you will have understood, our children's swimming pools are not only functional, they are also aesthetic. Available in a range of shapes, they adapt to all surfaces. Rectangular or round, our small children's pools will fit perfectly into your exterior.

Our smallwooden pools add a natural touch to landscaping while the brown canvas of our freestanding children's pools do not harm the the aesthetics of yourgarden.

A small swimming pool for the greatest happiness of your children

Choosing one of our children's pools means offering your children and their friends a space where they can have fun, cool off and create precious memories during the hot summer days.

In short, our children's pools are much more than just products; they reflect our commitment to children's enjoyment and safety. At Distripool, we believe that every child deserves an exceptional swimming experience, and our children's pools are our way of making that possible. Choose safety and comfort for your children, and discover the difference our children's pools can make to your summer.

The advantages of a small swimming pool for children

Asmall swimming pool for children has many advantages. Firstly, it offers young people a safe and fun way to become familiar with the water. In a properly sized pool, children can touch the bottom and feel safe, which builds their confidence and allows them to learn the basics of swimming in a less intimidating environment than a large pool.

Second, a small pool requires less water and energy for heating, making it a more environmentally friendly and economical choice. Furthermore, its maintenance is also easier and less expensive. Cleaning chemicals and the time required to keep the water clean and clear are significantly reduced compared to a standard size pool.

Finally, these small swimming pools are an excellent solution for small gardens. They allow your children to enjoy the pleasures of swimming even if you do not have enough space for a standard size swimming pool.

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Advice for choosing the right children's pool.

Choosing the ideal children's pool can sometimes seem complex, but it becomes easier when you consider some key elements. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your family.

-Age and abilities of the child: Swimming needs and abilities vary depending on the age of the child. Make sure you choose a pool that is the appropriate depth and size for your child's age and swimming level.
-Security: Security is one of the key elements. Look for pools with stable walls, a non-slip coating, and consider those equipped with a dome for added protection.
-Material: Opt for a small swimming pool made of resistant and durable materials, such as wood, reinforced PVC or steel, which are resistant to children's games and outdoor elements.
-Available space: Measure the space you have in your garden before making your choice. Make sure the pool will fit comfortably into your outdoor space without overwhelming it.

Finally, never forget that even if you opt for a swimming pool specifically for children, it is essential to always supervise children when they are in the water, whatever the depth of the pool. . Constant supervision will ensure that your children have fun in complete safety.

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