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Nothing is more pleasant than swimming in crystal clear water. However, this feeling of relaxation may be short-lived if your pool remains uncovered. Lack of cover can turn your pure aquatic oasis into a bacteria-ridden swamp. In addition, an uncovered swimming pool poses safety risks for animals and children. Buy a swimming pool cover for your home using submerged shutters with visible or underwater beach.
The tailor-made submerged shutter for total integration and perfect aesthetics

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Why do you need a submerged swimming pool roller shutter?

It is absolutely necessary to have a swimming pool cover, it would be a shame not to invest in such a swimming pool protection.

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Here are some of the advantages of the submerged swimming pool cover


It is obvious that automatic swimming pool covers are in high demand, because they represent a solution that combines simplicity, efficiency and aesthetics. They can be used for swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. The number of colors in which the cover can be manufactured gives the possibility of discreetly integrating the roller shutters immersed in the environment or making the cover a central element of the decoration by choosing a color that contrasts with it.


When your pool is not in use, debris such as twigs, leaves and insects can enter the water. Not only does this force you to spend your afternoon skimming the pool, but the debris can also bring disease-causing bacteria and algae spores. By covering the water with a submerged roller shutter, you prevent impurities from entering the water and save time on cleaning and maintaining the pool.


The biggest advantage of automatic submerged swimming pool roller shutters is that they can be adapted to any type of swimming pool. Whether it is the simplest or the most sophisticated pool, it is possible to create a cover that will meet the wishes and requirements of our customers.


Thanks to the high level of buoyancy of the cover, the submerged roller shutters that we deliver are designed to ensure the safety of the whole family and, at the same time, not to affect the harmony of the swimming pool environment.


Immersed system, for new and existing swimming pools. The submerged roller shutters are concealed, made to measure, they also serve as a beach for people sitting or standing.

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Significant savings thanks to submerged roller shutters

Submerged roller shutters reduce evaporation

Your pool loses water in many ways, but evaporation is the number one source of water loss. By keeping your pool covered, you can reduce evaporation. According to the EPA, an uncovered swimming pool can lose 3% to 5% of water per year.

Don't you think water loss is a big problem? Evaporation costs time and money. Every time your pool loses water, you need to refill it and rebalance its chemistry. This means you'll have to spend more money on chemicals, and your water bill could skyrocket. But you can avoid these inconveniences by purchasing a submerged swimming pool roller shutter.

Significant energy savings thanks to the submerged swimming pool roller shutter

Heating the water in your swimming pool is not insignificant. So why not trap some of that heat with a pool cover?

This means you won't have to use your pool heater as regularly, saving you energy and money. Additionally, some pool shutter blade options are even designed to capture heat and transfer it to your water, heating it naturally.

The polycarbonate roller shutter slats for swimming pools are the best possible investment for your swimming pool:

Ultra design
A resistance 8 times stronger than classic PVC
Heats water up to +8°
Resists weather hazards

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Reduces the use of chemicals

UV rays degrade chlorine. But a special submerged roller shutter cover prevents the sun's rays from degrading your chlorine. This means you'll have to use less chlorine and spend less time adjusting your pool's chemistry, great.

Submerged roller shutters, an accident prevention solution

Immersed slatted pool covers serve as safety barriers that prevent animals and children from falling in. These blankets are designed with sturdy materials and have specific weight limits.

Also, depending on your family situation, a safe submerged pool cover may be a requirement. For example, some to ensure the safety of people who cannot swim and children under the age of eight.

How does a swimming pool cover with submerged slats work?

Pool covers with submerged slats resurface at water level thanks to the slats filled with air. As they rise vertically, they push the others to the surface of the water, which pushes the cover above the pool (the pool closes). When furling, the motor wraps the blanket around the furling shaft, solving any buoyancy issues.

The submerged roller shutter cover adapts to almost any shape

You are no longer limited in your pool design as our system can be cut to any converging shape. Floating elements such as laminaria and Easy Clip fasteners can be chosen according to the desired aesthetic.

Automation possibilities

You can connect your swimming pool's submerged roller shutter cover to a mobile application.

Whether you are building a pool in your backyard or are already the proud owner of an in-ground pool, it is important to understand how important it is to have reliable coverage to protect your investment.

Automatic submerged swimming pool roller shutters are safe, reliable and easy to use.

You can open or close your automatic security cover by pressing a button directly on your Android or Apple IOS smartphone. Submerged pool roller shutters offer incredible peace of mind to homeowners who want to prevent accidents or keep their loved ones and pets safe.

Automatic pool covers are reliable and easy to use. Just flip a button and the pool roller shutter creates a barrier above your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. All automatic covers are custom designed to fit your pool perfectly and made from best-in-class materials.

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PVC and PC slat material

The slats are available in PVC and polycarbonate (PC) which have better UV resistance. Polycarbonate slats are much more resistant to climatic conditions thanks to the superior properties of the raw material. These durable polycarbonate blades are available in gray, black and blue.

The PVC and PC slats are also available in a connected version with different attachment designs.

Finishing your swimming pool cover with roller shutters and submerged deck

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The submerged beach or "submerged duckboard"

A submerged swimming pool cover, without visible beams or slates which offers a beach! An independent bedroom is built and a fully removable submerged bridge closes it. The PVC or polycarbonate blades wrap below this beach (approximately 15 to 20 cm of water above the beach). Submerged swimming pool covers are therefore ideal for integrating into swimming pool stairs and offer numerous integration possibilities. The swimming pool appears longer with a very attractive and aesthetic area, ideal for relaxing, lounging and playing (perfect for young children, given the shallow depth of the water above the terrace). The entire structure is removable for after-sales service and maintenance. This system can be adapted to swimming pools with skimmers and infinity pools. Submerged deck pool covers are the automatic pool cover systems most appreciated by our prestigious clients and architects.

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Edge finishing

The finishing caps are equipped with a removable system, allowing them to be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the pool.

Our slatted covers are delivered with a set of wings for a Fin or Square type finish.

the first blade of the cover, thus improving movement and limiting friction on the pool covering. In fact, the blades can be cut square (standard finish) or shaped (depending on the type of blade).

Hanging the roller shutter for swimming pool made easy

Safety clips prevent the slatted cover from being lifted and secure it to the pool structure when unrolled. They must always be locked, otherwise security is not ensured and the swimming pool is not compliant. Compatible with any type of coping or leveling, the proposed Easyclip system is perfect, you attach your submerged roller shutter without any force constraints.

The fixing system can be installed on any type of pool thanks to its three universal colors: White, sand, gray

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