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The Ubbink brand has specialized in pools or swimming pool decoration elements since 1970! It offers quality wooden swimming pools, accessories and filtration systems. Their swimming pools can be installed either above ground, semi-buried or completely buried. The cost of installation is lower than that of building an in-ground swimming pool; and this for the same quality!

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Robot piscine RobotClean Accu XS - Ubbink - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu XS pool robot - Ubbink

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Robot piscine RobotClean Accu - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu pool robot

Robot piscine robotclean 1  - Ubbink

robotclean pool robot 1

Robot de piscine Robotclean 2  - Ubbink

Robotclean 2 pool robot

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2 reviews
Cascade Ubbink MAMBA

Ubbink MAMBA Waterfall

à partir de : 299,00
Robot piscine RobotClean 3 plus - Ubbink - Ubbink

RobotClean 3 plus pool robot - Ubbink

579,00| ||1246 €
Robot piscine RobotClean Accu XL PRO (2024)  - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu XL PRO pool robot (2024) )

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Piscine bois AZURA

AZURA wooden pool

à partir de : 1,799.00
Piscine en bois SUNWATER

SUNWATER wooden swimming pool

from: 2,599.00

Assembling a Ubbink wooden swimming pool

Depending on the model you choose, you will have 3 mounting options for yourwooden swimming pool:

Simple interlocking (for octagonal and round pools): the boards are grooved and notched. They will then fit together very easily.
Reinforced interlocking (for elongated octagonal pools): the structure fits together while being reinforced thanks to the presence of a metal structure.
An assembly with additional beams (for rectangular pools): the wooden planks are located on vertical posts. Shoes are then attached directly to the concrete slab.

Ubbink accessories :

The Ubbink brand offers a whole catalog of accessories for your swimming pool and your comfort! For example, they have a whole range of pool waterfalls. These waterfalls will allow you to liven up your pool, have fun, but also add an atmosphere to your pool. Ubbink offers simple waterfalls or even with LEDs! For installation, you simply need to connect this system to a water inlet or to your discharge nozzle.

Ubbink offers kits containing drink holders and headrests, which is very practical. Indeed, by adding these elements to your pool, you will create a relaxing atmosphere. The drinks holder will keep your drinks close while being stylish and discreet. It also has 2 locations. For its part, the headrest will allow you to rest your head and relax your muscles. It is made with a foam texture for added relaxation and comfort.

Ubbink also offersbubble covers which are a kind of cover for your swimming pool. They should be placed on the water, with the smooth surface facing up. This way, the bubbles will be in contact with the water in your pool. Evaporation and heat escape are thus slowed and your water will stay hot longer. In addition, these bubble covers are equipped with suction cups which will allow them to remain stable in the wind. Note that a very wide range of covers exists, which allows you to find the cover adapted to the size of your pool.

As mentioned previously, the Ubbink company offers swimming pool robots. If you have never heard of it, we will explain to you why this element is essential!

First, a pool robot will allow you toautomate the cleaning of your pool. If you're tired of bending over backwards to collect leaves with your net, the robot is for you. It will allow you to clean the bottom and walls of your pool, eliminating dust, leaves and floating insects. In a certain sense, buying apool robot is a long-term investment. You will save time and energy; especially if you have a large pool.

In addition, there are several types of robots: battery-powered robot, wireless robot or even remote-controlled robot. Battery-powered pool robots work completely autonomously. They already come with their own low voltage battery; which means no more wires lying around and no additional installation. Then, regarding charging it depends on the model: either you will have to charge the battery separately, or the robot will charge itself in the pool.

On the market you can find different types of wireless pool robots:

- Thepool robot with floating battery: it is connected via a waterproof electrical outlet to its floating battery. The two are thus linked and travel together along the cleaning route.
- Thepool robot with integrated battery: a battery indicator can possibly be added to the robot alerted when the battery level is low.
- Thesolar pool robot: it does not need any electricity, it is the solar panels on its back that do it feed. This robot therefore has an economical and ecological side!

For the remote-controlled pool robot, the remote control will allow you to choose the cleaning program. You will only have to immerse the robot with its battery in the water, and it will start cleaning your pool autonomously.

To conclude on Ubbink

Finally, you can find the Ubbink brand on our Distripool.fr website and buy their products, such as their pools made of quality wood or even their pool robots.