Build your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool at a discount price

It’s decided, you are finally starting the construction of the swimming pool which you dreamed so much For this, nothing could be simpler: Distripool offers numerous models, all different and adapted to all desires. Browse our different ranges of above-ground swimming pools or swimming pool kits to find the one you need!

Distripool: your trusted partner for above-ground and in-ground pool kits

At Distripool, we understand that every garden, every family and every pool project is unique. This is why we have selected for you a diverse range of above-ground and in-ground pool kits, adapted to all needs and budgets. Above ground, in-ground swimming pool and accessories, in wood, steel or even freestanding, you will find everything you need to transform your garden into an exotic oasis.

Easily build the pool of your dreams

Opting for a pool kit means choosing flexibility and autonomy. Whether you are a seasoned DIYer or prefer to call a professional, our construction kits are designed for simplified installation. Building your own swimming pool is now a reality with Distripool. Each kit comes with detailed instructions and all the hardware needed for successful setup. You will no longer have to look elsewhere for kit swimming pool accessories and equipment because everything you need to build your swimming pool is available here.

In addition, our team of experts is at your disposal to advise and guide you at each stage of your project.

Pools to build for all tastes and all gardens

Whether you have a small space or a large garden, whether you dream of a classic rectangular swimming pool or a more original shape, Distripool has the solution. Our above-ground wooden swimming pools integrate harmoniously into your exterior, while our concrete or polystyrene kit swimming pools offer incomparable durability and aesthetics. And for those looking for originality, our shell or container kit swimming pools bring a touch of innovation to your swimming space.

Building your swimming pool is a lasting investment for unforgettable moments

Investing in the construction of a swimming pool means offering your family and loved ones moments of relaxation, play and conviviality. It also means adding value to your real estate. At Distripool, we are convinced that quality rhymes with accessibility. This is why we are committed to offering you high quality kit swimming pools at competitive prices. Distripool is more than just a supplier of swimming pool kits. It is a trusted partner who supports you in carrying out your swimming pool project, from design to installation. Browse our catalog, discover our different models and let yourself be seduced by the promise of unforgettable summers by your swimming pool. .

The different construction options for your swimming pool

·Concrete kit swimming pools: solid and durable, they are popular with those who want to build an impeccable swimming pool in the long term;

·Polystyrene kit swimming pools: quick to install and having the advantage of retaining heat, they appeal to those in a hurry and those who hope to swim even at the end of the day;

·Shell kit swimming pools: made of polyester, these models available in different shapes have the advantage of being very resistant, more than concrete;

·Panel kit swimming pools: as solid and rigid as traditional swimming pools, they constitute an alternative to the latter by being much less expensive;

·Mini swimming pools in kit form: perfect for those who have a small garden but still want to take a dip in summer or relax throughout of the year;

· Kit swimming pools with rubber deck: original, these pools simply transform the garden into a little corner of paradise!

Everything you need to equip your swimming pool: our accessories

Beyond the different pool models, we offer a large number of accessories to equip your pool. From LED lamps to hydraulic connections to intelligent electrical boxes, we reference as many products as there are projects and desires.

All you have to do is determine what you consider necessary to make your swimming pool an ideal play or relaxation space for you and your loved ones And believe us, there are so many references that it risks not be so easy!

Building your swimming pool: our advice

Construction times Although it is possible to install an above-ground swimming pool quickly during the summer period, this is not the case for an in-ground swimming pool.

Indeed, a construction project takes time. Between administrative deadlines (building permit, declaration of works, etc.), construction deadlines (which may vary depending on the weather) and the availability of swimming pool contractors, it is advisable to plan the construction of your swimming pool in autumn or in winter if you want it to be ready in time for the sunny days.

Steps to take

· Earthworks and drainage;
· The pouring and drying of concrete (or the installation of a shell swimming pool or a kit) and the installation of the various parts to be sealed;
· The creation of the technical room and its connection to the hydraulic and electrical network;
· The embankment around the swimming pool;
· Finishes (coating, coping, swimming pool filling).

For more advice regarding the choice of your pool or the construction and installation of it, do not hesitate to contact us directly!