Enrouleur pour bâche de piscine hors sol ou enterrée

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A quality pool cover reel is essential to help keep your cover in good shape and therefore protect your pool and the water it contains. At Distripool, we have perfectly understood this imperative by offering you a very complete range.

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Enrouleur amovible bâche piscine en bois

Removable wooden pool cover reel

Manivelle motorisée pour bâche à barres ROLL PRO

Motorized crank for ROLL PRO bar tarpaulin

Enrouleur bâche à bulle PREMIUM

PREMIUM bubble tarpaulin reel

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Enrouleur automatique pour bâche : PREMIUM

Automatic tarpaulin reel: PREMIUM

from: 430,20
Enrouleur automatique pour bâche : PRESTIGE

Automatic reel for tarpaulin: PRESTIGE

  • 4/5
5 reviews
from: 473,10
Enrouleur automatique Droopi pour bâche à barres

Droopi automatic reel for bar tarpaulin

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2 reviews
from: 685,00

Pool cover reel: Manual or electric?

In fact, the presence of a cover is first and foremost essential for maintaining the quality of your water. A cover, whether with bars or bubbles, will allow you to protect your pool from leaves and other impurities. In addition, it protects the liner from UV rays when you are not using your pool. This therefore limits manual cleaning time and simplifies filtration by having less waste in the skimmer. Furthermore, this allows for less development of microalgae and thus, less use of purifying products such as chlorine for example. And ultimately, more fun time for you and your family.

A bubble cover is perfect equipment if you want to keep your water clean and retain heat for an ideal temperature. But folding it can be restrictive, especially if you do it every day. We also offer you a range of reels specially for bubble covers for your in-ground swimming pool. Easy to install and use, this tarpaulin roller will make your life much easier. In addition, we also offer a model of reel for above-ground swimming pools. Whatever your model, we have a solution to offer you.

The bar tarpaulin is a real versatile piece of equipment. Like the bubble cover, it protects the water in your swimming area against UV rays and dirt. But it is also safety equipment that will provide great peace of mind if you have children. You can use it in winter for protection, or at night for example in high season. Once in place, there is no chance that a child or animal could fall into the water. This equipment, however, is quite heavy to handle. This is why a roller for bar tarpaulins is essential to make your daily life easier. For example, it can be quickly attached to the copings, or have a removable base. The aluminum feet of the tarpaulin roller also guarantee great durability over time.

Above ground pool cover reel

You can also choose an automatic reel for exceptional comfort. Without an external box, you benefit from very discreet equipment and unparalleled quality. Effortlessly roll up and unroll your protective cover.

In addition, we offer cover reels for above-ground or in-ground swimming pools that we have selected especially for you. Our expertise, nourished by more than 30 years of experience, allows us to offer you the best products on the market, at low prices. Furthermore, we deliver to you everywhere in France for free. And our entire range of reels is guaranteed for 1 year. Your satisfaction is a priority for us. This is why our advisors respond quickly to guide you during your reel purchase. Enjoy your swimming space simply and with complete peace of mind

The usefulness of a pool cover reel Little recognized despite all its importance, the pool cover reel is of particular importance for your installation. In addition to the advantages we mentioned above, it also allows you to keep your cover out of the water when you want to enjoy your pool. This prevents your cover from deteriorating or worse, becoming mouldy. This way you protect your equipment as well as your family and the quality of the water in your pool. Whether you are the happy owner of an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, make your life easier and protect your space for everyone's comfort.

How to choose the right pool cover roller?

The choice of a swimming pool cover reel is crucial to guarantee optimal use and extend the life of your cover. Here are some essential criteria to consider when making your selection:

Size and shape of the pool: The reel must be adapted to the width and shape of your pool. If your pool is irregularly shaped, make sure the reel can accommodate its specific features. A reel that is too small or too large will not only be ineffective, but could also damage your tarp.

Type of cover: Not all covers are the same. Some are lightweight like bubble covers, while others, like bar covers, are heavier. Make sure the reel is designed for the type of tarp you have.

Reel Material: Aluminum or stainless steel reels provide greater durability and are more resistant to corrosion. Avoid cheap materials that can warp or rust quickly.

Winding mechanism: If you're looking for simplicity, a manual winder will do the trick. However, if you want optimal comfort, especially for large pools, consider an electric reel which makes the task much easier.

Mobility: If you want to be able to easily move your reel, opt for a model equipped with sturdy wheels. Some rollers also have removable feet for easy storage out of season.

Ease of installation: A good reel should be simple to install, with clear instructions. Also check the availability of spare parts if needed.

Ultimately, the choice of reel will depend on your specific needs, your pool configuration and your budget. Take the time to carefully evaluate your options to ensure a wise investment.

Budget: an essential criterion in choosing your reel.

When it comes to investing in a pool cover reel, budget is often a factor determining. However, it is important not to consider price as the only criterion of choice. Here are some things to consider when balancing budget and quality:

● Long-term investment: A good quality reel can last for many years. It is therefore better to invest in a durable model rather than having to replace it regularly. In the long run, a quality reel can be more economical.

● Value for money: Rather than just going with the cheapest option, look for a reel that offers the best value for money. Some models may cost a little more to purchase, but offer additional features or better durability that justify the investment.

Distripool: Your expert in swimming pool cover reels

At Distripool, we understand the importance of a quality reel to extend the life of your cover and make it easier to install use. This is why we have selected for you a range of high quality reels, adapted to all needs and budgets. Our experts are at your disposal to advise you and help you make the best choice.