A swimming pool cover designed for wintering

The bubble cover is not a safety feature for those around you! In winter, when you are not using your pool, you may be tempted to drain the water from the pool. However, this is not what should be done. In fact, it can be expensive to change the water every year. And it's not the best ecologically. Especially since it is better to keep your swimming pool full so that its structure is not damaged. It is therefore preferable to put thepool into winter storage. To do this you must follow a certain number of steps, but also place a cover specially designed for winter on your swimming pool. Discover our entire range of bubble and winter covers!

The bubble cover for the summer season

During the summer season, thebubble cover is particularly effective equipment for heating the water in your pool, or simply maintaining the heat. Indeed, during the day while you are away for example, the bubble cover allows your swimming pool to rise in temperature. And this regardless of your type of swimming space. You can therefore purchase an above-ground or in-ground pool cover. In addition, this accessory helps limit evaporation throughout the day, limiting the filling that sometimes needs to be done due to lack of water. And it’s a real comfort for the mind. Because as you know, you must maintain a certain water level so that the swimming pool filtration works properly and does not get damaged. And in addition, it maintains the balance of the chemistry of your pool, in particular the chlorine level.

It is important when purchasing a tarpaulin to make the right choice in terms of thickness. We offer you tailor-made swimming pool covers, from 400 to 500 microns for real durability over time and unrivaled value for money on the market. Furthermore, our custom-made covers can be adapted to your pool, whatever its shape. Oval, round, rectangular, with or without stairs, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our online store. And our experience of more than 33 years in the world of residential bathing will allow us to answer all your questions if necessary.

So that your pool cover can last over time, it is important to be able to roll it up and store it so that it does not deteriorate. We therefore offer you a whole range of tarpaulin rollers, removable, fixed, manual or automatic. It is also important to know that our tarpaulins are delivered with a protective cover, very practical for storing it properly. Even if we offer you very competitive swimming pool cover prices, it is important not to damage it to preserve your budget in the long term.

If you have the choice of anautomatic shutter as protection and safety equipment, we offer you a completely suitable tarpaulin. It is indeed important to protect your shutter from dirt and atmospheric hazards. This allows you to reopen your pool much more quickly when it is put back into service, with less cleaning. In winter, this automatic shutter cover will protect your equipment with quick and easy installation. The different colors that we put at your disposal will give a classy and discreet finish which will integrate perfectly with your exterior.

If you want to make your life easier and save money, you can purchase a 4-season pool cover. This type of equipment is perfect for filling all roles. First, it is a summer cover that maintains the water temperature for the comfort of the whole family. You can swim at any time and make the most of your project. But it also serves as a winter cover to protect your pond during the cold season. Although it should be noted that this is not safety equipment, this type of accessory is on the other hand a real asset for maintaining water quality in particular. When restarting, it's a real time saver. But also a saving on your budget because your water will require less treatment.

Are you having difficulty reaching the ideal temperature of 28°C? Do you want to maintain the temperature acquired by your heating system or by the outside heat?

Help yourself with a bubble cover. Distripool offers you a large collection of summer tarpaulins: Several thicknesses and above all several colors: blue, silver, black. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the heating power will not be identical. Call our advisors on 04 11 93 04 06 if you have any doubts. The bubble cover is not a safety feature for those around you!



bache piscine sol + guard

A cover to protect your swimming pool

On distripool, we provide you with numerousbar covers for your swimming pool. This accessory will allow you to protect your swimming pool from dirt, but not only that: it can also be very reliable safety equipment for your whole family, especially young ones.

In fact, when you are not using your swimming pool, it can get dirty very easily because of leaves, dirt and dust.

By installing asafety cover in your swimming pool, you will ensure the cleanliness of the water. Photosynthesis is greatly reduced. Less treatment, less time spent, more fun for you and your family. But that's not all: if your children play in the garden and escape your gaze, they will also be safe. The swimming pool safety cover prevents you from falling into the water and thus reduces the risk of drowning.

This is safety equipment that meets regulatory standards in France. You should know that you must have at least a minimum amount of safety equipment for everyone's peace of mind. Whether your pool is buried or you have chosen an above-ground wooden swimming pool, it is absolutely necessary. Also, our tailor-made bar covers for wooden swimming pools will give you satisfaction

bache a barres pour piscine