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A spa is full of electronic elements: control box, electronic card, control keyboard, etc. . But sometimes, this equipment can break down and affect the proper functioning of your spa! He is then necessary to replace or repair the damaged electronic part. In this section, discover all our electronic equipment from major brands for spa (BALBOA, AEWARE, GECKO, SPA POWER...).

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The operation of a spa is based on various electronic elements such as the control box, the card electronics or the control keyboard. These different electronic parts are essential for proper operation of your spa. They allow you to operate and control the different equipment (massage pump, circulation pump, aerojets, temperatures, lighting). Zoom on the electronics of your spa.

The control box

The control box of your spa is a key element. It brings together all the required electronic elements to operate your spa. It is this which allows you to connect all your equipment to electricity (pumps circulation, blower, lights, ozonator, heater, etc.) and to operate them correctly. THE control box is controlled by the control keyboard which allows management of all the elements of your spa.

The electronic card

The electronic card is, in a way, the brain of your spa. This is a printed circuit which is located in the control box. It allows devices to be electronically linked and operated via the control box and control keypad.

What to do in the event of an electronic part breakdown?

The elements that make up the spa's electronics are complex, but these parts can be repaired or easily replaced. At Distripool, we sell different electronic parts and can advise you on choosing the model corresponding to your spa! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our products.