Spa and jacuzzi: inflatable, portable and semi-rigid

Specialist in residential swimming pools for over 30 years, is also a specialist in spa or jacuzzi. Indeed, with our know-how and our standards, we offer you a range of spas where you will inevitably find what you are looking for. It is important to clarify here that the term spa or jacuzzi means the same thing. Jacuzzi is simply a spa brand, which has become part of everyday language. We will also speak indifferently of an inflatable jacuzzi, an indoor spa, or an outdoor jacuzzi.

Why buy a spa/jacuzzi? It is now recognized that this practice is ideal for the body and mind. First, when you are in your pool, your brain secretes endorphin. This hormone is neither more nor less than that of well-being. So immersing yourself in your indoor or outdoor spa promotes rest and relaxation. Your muscular tensions relax until they disappear. The same goes for nervous tensions.

To summarize, the hydrotherapy provided by a home spa will make you feel better in the long term. Recommended and ideal in times of high stress for example, but not only that. Regular practice will bring you real well-being on a daily basis. Your body and your mind are linked. If you do good to one, the other will thank you.

The benefits of hydrotherapy are not new. The virtues of water have been useful to humans for millennia. But the spa has brought this up to date. And in therapeutic cures, we use the spa technique for many ailments. Joint pain, skin conditions, cardiovascular disease, blood circulation or more simply calming the mind are among the benefits of the jacuzzi. And it's not for nothing that top athletes use it. The spa helps eliminate fatigue and lactic acid more quickly. And by activating the metabolism, it burns calories more quickly and allows detoxification of the body.

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How to buy an inexpensive and high quality jacuzzi?

On the online store you can find a whole range of spas that can be suitable for your home, your garden, and for any use. The size of your hot tub is important too, as the whole family will want to try it out.

Design is just as important when choosing a jacuzzi. You may want to have an indoor spa to enjoy all year round. Or an outdoor spa that will fit perfectly into your garden, your terrace, or your aquatic space. When talking about hot tub design, there are several points to consider. Its exterior appearance of course. But also its size, its shape, and its interior trim.

Purchasing an inflatable jacuzzi means firstly purchasing a mobile and easy-to-use spa. Easy to inflate and deflate, it is light and compact. You can even take it with you very easily on vacation, or if you move


Inflatable jacuzzi at a low price for your home

The Netspa brand stands out in our catalog as a reference in the field. Made in France, their spa models are delivered directly to your home with a extra equipment that will satisfy you. Insulating blanket, tarpaulin, filter, it is a guarantee of serenity and security. Especially with premium after-sales service and a 2-year warranty. The multifunction motors are easy to disassemble without emptying your pool for maintenance. And they are economical because they stop when your water is hot enough. To finish, the ultra-resistant interior spa liner and its exterior structure guarantee real durability over time. Comfortable thanks to specially designed interior seats, you can choose a model with up to 6 seats. And thus bring relaxation and happiness to all.


The design is also there at Netspa. Round, octagonal, square shape, you will inevitably find a model that suits you. The same goes for whether you want sleek faux leather upholstery or a discreet upper red line. And safety is of course not left aside, in particular with a differential socket or a protective cover. In summary, it is an inexpensive jacuzzi of superior quality and over-equipped whatever the model chosen.

In the range of indoor or outdoor spas, Bestway is a leader in its field. Indeed, with the patented Duraplus technology and its reinforced cover, it is an inexpensive jacuzzi that is very resistant and will withstand a lot of stress. The Bestway models are very innovative, as you will have understood. Even more so with Freezeshield technology which literally prevents the water from freezing and damaging your pool. So no need to wait to use your outdoor jacuzzi. Relax even in the cold season.


And if you are tech-savvy, know that the control of your jacuzzi is smooth and intelligent. Either using an included digital panel or directly on your Smartphone. All management of your indoor or outdoor jacuzzi at your fingertips.

In addition to the inflatable jacuzzi, you can also purchase a semi-rigid spa. These models with an insulating foam structure are very easy to install to quickly enjoy your relaxation space. These foam structures have several advantages. First of all, great strength to withstand time and varied uses. Then, a certain insulating capacity allowing the heat of the water to be better retained. Finally, the seat is even more pleasant.

Distripool also provides you with portable spas from the BWT brand. These so-called acrylic jacuzzis can accommodate up to 7 seats and have up to 36 massage nozzles. The covering is made of resistant composite which does not require maintenance. We chose to work with this manufacturer because it holds the “guaranteed French origin” label, a guarantee of seriousness and quality.

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If you want to equip your jacuzzi inexpensively, do not hesitate to browse our catalog of accessories. Whether you have installed your spa indoors or outdoors, further improve your comfort with, for example, towel racks, storage boxes or engine covers or a designer and elegant step. A handrail is also very useful for easier entry into your wellness pool. Or the floating bar will allow 5 people to have a moment of conviviality while enjoying the relaxation of a hot bubble bath.

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