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If you want to be able to go for a kayak trip without having to invest in a truck to transport your equipment, this is the companion you need you need: the inflatable kayak, light and easy to inflate and deflate! In this section, make your choice among the different models that we offer for sale

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Our inflatable kayak models

Recognized for its quality products and its extensive range, Zray has become one of the leading brands on the stand up paddle and inflatable canoe-kayak market. Among the many models on sale, we have chosen to list several:

·The Zray St. Croix inflatable kayak, which can accommodate two people on board and is the ideal kayak model for beginners. Easily maneuverable, it also appeals for its low price: 109, a very gentle investment for those who are hesitant to take up this water sport;
·The Zray Roatan inflatable kayak is also a two-seater kayak that is suitable for both beginners and advanced kayakers. Its main quality? Be an object of compromise, both very functional and easy to maneuver;
·The Zray Tortuga inflatable kayak, whose greatest quality is to offer its passengers two maximum incomparable comfort. Large and very stable, it allows you to go on an excursion while being well installed, in order to make the most of the landscape Ideal for kayakers looking for nature hikes;
·The Zray Drift kayak, a performance item above all for experienced kayakers. Thanks to “Drop Stitch” technology which stiffens its walls, the Zray Drift offers unforgettable sliding experiences While offering just the right amount of stability! A kayak with great qualities that approaches rigid models, but remains versatile.

Choose the right inflatable kayak, instructions for use

Before making a choice among the different models offered, ask yourself what you want to do aboard your kayak: is it about taking short trips in a river or on a lake, maintain your cardio by paddling at sea, going on excursions or hikes over one or more days, or even going white water? Obviously, we do not choose the same model of boat that we practice one or the other of these activities! Before checking out, find out about:

· The number of people that the kayak you are considering purchasing can accommodate;
· The type of environment in which it allows you to evolve;
· Materials with which it was built;
· Of its weight and length;
· The quantity of equipment it allows you to carry;
· Accessories included with the kayak (paddle, inflator, carrying bag, etc.).