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It is by maintaining the water in your swimming pool in optimal conditions with effective prevention treatment that you will guarantee the proper functioning and lifespan of your installation. During the week, remember to analyze the pH of your water and adjust it to maintain between 7.2 and 7.6, check the chlorine level and adjust it to maintain 0.4 to 1.4 ppm. Every week you can add an Anti-Algae for maintenance if necessary, as soon as limescale forms, remember to add an Anti-Limescale with water whose T.H. is greater than 25°f. To agglomerate the impurities present in the pool, add a dose of Flocculant to clarify the water in your pool. Always maintain an adequate water level, in the event of harsh weather conditions, increase the chlorine and anti-algae treatment, remember to analyze the chlorine and pH levels when topping up new water.

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Commissioning your swimming pool

At the start of the season, it is essential to respect the process of starting the pool in order to prevent and avoid any problems during the swimming period. Check the good condition and proper functioning of your installation (pump + filter, etc.) If necessary, drain the water from the pool and clean the pool by applying an Anti-Limescale. To ensure its effectiveness, it is preferable to carry out cleaning in low sunlight and to keep the walls and bottom of the pool moist. Fill again once the pool is clean. Carry out shock chlorination once the pool is full, analyze the pH level and adjust it so that it is between 7.2 and 7.6. You can then begin the maintenance program so that your season is pleasant, without unpleasant surprises.