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Maintaining your spa is essential to have good water quality and ensure proper functioning and the lifespan of your installation. Vacuum cleaners, brushes and filter cleaners, anti-limescale solutions, anti-foam, bromine tablets, chlorine granules, pH regulators (pH minus and pH plus) or alkalinity, shock treatment In this section, discover all the maintenance products essential for maintenance of your spa.

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Your inflatable spa or spa kit should be cleaned regularly. This helps maintain the good quality of water and various equipment (filtration, pipes, walls). For this, effective products exist. Focus on the maintenance steps for your spa and the products to use.

Caring for your spa water

Your spa water must be treated to ensure its cleanliness. For this, the use of a disinfectant is essential. It helps limit the proliferation of algae and bacteria in order to have clear and healthy water. In At the same time, it is advisable to regularly check the water balance for good product effectiveness chemicals.

Disinfection of spa water

For the treatment of your spa water, several disinfectants exist, such as bromine or chlorine. These Products are in the form of pellets, pebbles or granules. Please note: water treatment with chlorine is less effective in waters above 30°C. Some spa models may also have an electrolyzer (salt) or be compatible with a water treatment. active oxygen. The shock treatment, for its part, is rather used when restarting a spa or when the water is very dirty.

Water balance

Controlling the water balance of your spa is also very important, because the water balance has an influence on its treatment. It is then a matter of checking the pH content, alkalinity and hardness of the water regularly. When these levels are not normal, they must be regulated with specific products.

- To regulate the pH (Hydrogen potential), use a pH plus (+) or pH minus (-) product so that this is between 7.2 and 7.6;
- To regulate the TAC of water (Complete Alcalimeter Title), use a specific corrective product TAC plus or TAC minus;
- To regulate the hardness of the water (or TH), if it is too soft, use an anti-limescale product.

Spa maintenance: cleaning the filtration and walls

Maintenance of your spa's filtration system mainly consists of washing the clogged filtration cartridge, on average once a week. To do this, simply rinse it with clean water using a jet of water to remove the impurities. If it is too worn, replace it with a new one. To remove stains on the internal walls, use a specific product (cleaner-degreaser). To clean the bottom of the pool, use small spa vacuums. Daily, remove traces of water with a microfiber cloth. From time to time, also add an anti-foam and anti-algae product directly into the spa water.

Spa maintenance: cleaning the pipes

To clean the pipes and thus avoid the proliferation of bacteria and the appearance of bad odors, use products specially designed for pipes. They come in the form of granules, tablets or liquid cleaners (to be poured into the filter location). You can also use a shock treatment before draining the spa. It allows you to clean pipes where greasy deposits can accumulate.

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