6x3 swimming pool in in-ground or above ground kit

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When we decide to realize the dream of building a swimming pool, many doubts arise at the start. And among the questions that come up most frequently we can cite: What is the most suitable size of swimming pool? Building a swimming pool is an investment with many advantages, it is an incredible element for your home and also a totally personalized space where you can enjoy and spend good times with your family. The comfort of being able to bathe whenever you want without having to travel is a real luxury

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If you have enough land, you can treat yourself and build a 6x3 swimming pool. Distripool offers you suitable solutions to carry out your 6x3 swimming pool project.

6x3 swimming pool, a large pool for maximum pleasure

If you are a family with several children, you like to entertain friends or invite your neighbors to a pool party, you need a large swimming pool. A 6x3 swimming pool allows you to enjoy a large swimming pool. This allows you to create different zones. You can comfortably swim in the deep end and relax on the submerged beach of the pool.

6x3 swimming pools in polyester shell

If you are looking for ease and comfort, the6x3 polyester shell swimming pools are the best option. Structurally robust, waterproof and with top quality finishes. All models have a gelcoat finish providing a smooth, shiny texture. This finish prevents as much dirt from penetrating the surface of the hull and therefore also makes subsequent cleaning and maintenance easier.

There is a wide range of different models and shapes of polyester swimming pools. Being prefabricated, we can choose between already created models, styles where the location of the ladder, the shape of the pool changes. In this category, we present to you different 6x3 polyester swimming pool kits available for all budgets.

6x3 swimming pools in steel and concrete frame kit

Steel is a material that allows innovative designs of6x3 swimming pools. In this case, we do not start from an already created and robust structure, but rather from a structure fully adaptable to your land. 6x3 steel pools reduce weight compared to conventional structures, making them ideal for building on difficult infrastructure or terrain. Finally, we also offer you a kit to build a 6x3 concrete swimming pool. This allows you to build a flat-bottomed swimming pool 1.50m deep, making it an ideal swimming pool for families with young children.