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The Zodiac® brand prides itself on innovating for more than 120 years in technologies relating to the nautical world, notably with the design of the first inflatable boat. The success was such that zodiac has since become a common name (like frigidaire, klaxon, kleenex, caddy and many others). With Zodiac Pool Care Europe, a company founded in 1998, the brand has since become interested in the world of swimming pools and their maintenance, with the development of cleaning robots whose reliability and robustness are no longer in doubt

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Robot piscine hydraulique KONTIKI 2 -  Zodiac  - ZODIAC

KONTIKI 2 hydraulic pool robot - Zodiac

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Robot piscine hydraulique T5 DUO Zodiac  - ZODIAC

Zodiac T5 DUO hydraulic pool robot || |1070

Robot piscine hydraulique MX6 Zodiac  - ZODIAC

MX6 Zodiac hydraulic pool robot

Robot sans fil pour SPABOT :  SPA OS0800

Wireless robot for SPABOT: SPA OS0800

Robot piscine Zodiac OT 3200 Tornax - TILE - Zodiac

Zodiac OT 3200 Tornax pool robot - TILE

Robot piscine autonome CNX 20 et 25

Autonomous pool robot CNX 20 and 25

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Robot piscine Vortex OV3400 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex OV3400 Zodiac Pool Robot

Robot piscine Vortex OV3480 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex OV3480 Zodiac pool robot

Robot piscine Vortex RV 4460 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex RV 4460 Zodiac pool robot || |1266

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Robot piscine Zodiac 4WD OV5200

Zodiac 4WD OV5200 pool robot

Robot piscine Vortex OV3505 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex OV3505 Zodiac pool robot

Robot autonome Zodiac 4WD OV5300 : Swivel

Zodiac 4WD OV5300 autonomous robot: Swivel| ||

Robot de piscine CNX 40 iQ - Zodiac

CNX 40 iQ pool robot - Zodiac

Robot piscine Zodiac Vortex : OV 5480IQ

Zodiac Vortex pool robot: OV 5480IQ

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Comprehensive solutions for swimming pools Zodiac ®

Since 2018, Zodiac® has joined the Fluidra group - a multinational company listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange - allowing it to become one of the leaders in the global swimming pool market. Through it,Zodiac® has a large team of researchers and designers who are constantly working to perfect robotic pool cleaners.


Criteria for choosing the Zodiac® pool robot

Zodiac® offers a wide range of pool robots, offering different operating modes and cleaning options. To make the best choice, you must take two criteria into account.

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The size and shape of your pool

The larger your pool, the more efficient your robot cleaner must be. You must also take into account the particularities of its shape, as well as its equipment: steps, differences in height, more or less acute angles, etc.

Cleaning options

The pool robot can offer you a multitude of options to be more efficient and faster. You should be interested in devices allowing greater autonomy, better precision, the storage of debris by the robot or the use of the pond filtration system, the possibility of programming, etc.

Robot cleaners are classified into two main categories defined by the technology of each device which can be hydraulic or electric.

The most economical hydraulic pool robot

Thehydraulic pool robotis the most affordable. It is also called a suction robot. You connect it to a pool broom socket or to a skimmer using a hose. It then uses the energy provided by the pond filtration pump to move and suck up impurities from the water. Its speed of movement therefore depends on the power of your pump.

Mechanical or disc pool robot

The hydraulic robot can be mechanical or disc.

The mechanical pool robot has technology that allows it to achieve a high level of performance. It is also equipped with a turbo suction system which increases its cleaning capabilities tenfold. The mechanical robot is suitable for all pool shapes.

The disc pool robot is powerful and has significant mobility. It is equipped with finned discs which optimize the pattern of its movements. This type of robot is ideal for small and medium-sized ponds. It is also suitable for above-ground swimming pools with rigid walls.

robot zodiac hydraulique a disque

Applications of the Zodiac® hydraulic robot cleaner

Zodiac® offers several models, which allows you to find the robot corresponding to your pool:

- coverings: tiles, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC and painted concrete;
- shape of the pelvis: rectangular, oval or free;
- flat or gently sloping bottom;
- cleaning the bottom and for some robots the walls.

The implementation of the hydraulic swimming pool robot

The hydraulic pool robot requires some manipulations for its implementation. Its connection is carried out underwater, because the pipe must be emptied of air. The device then moves independently on the bottom of the pool, thanks to the hydraulic force provided by the filtration pump. The impurities are sucked up, then sent to the pond filter. You must therefore remember to clean the filters which are used each time the robot passes.

As the movements of the hydraulic pool robot are random, certain areas may be neglected, which sometimes requires you to move it manually. This robot therefore requires a little handling. However, it performs effective cleaning and is economical. Furthermore, since this type of device contains few electronic parts, breakdowns are rare, especially since Zodiac® brand products are renowned for their robustness.

The summary interview

The hydraulic robot cleaner does not require any special maintenance. Make sure it stays clean by rinsing it after each use. Use soapy water if it looks dirty. Between uses, it is recommended to store it in a dry place away from the sun.

The most independent electric robot cleaner

The robotelectric cleaner plugs into the mains, which makes it independent of the swimming pool filtration circuit. Its implementation is very simple and it has the advantage of operating completely autonomously: once plugged in, all you have to do is place it in the water.

The electric pool robot has its own suction system, as well as an integrated filter. Its mode of operation allows methodical cleaning, defined by grid movements. You therefore do not have to intervene to ensure that all areas of your pool have been cleaned.

ZODIAC robot

Applications of the electric pool robot

The electric pool robot has the advantage of adapting to all pools, whatever their size, shape and coating. Its cleaning speed is optimal, without you ever having to move it yourself.

This type of technology offers many options. Depending on the model you select, it will be able to clean your walls and the water line in addition to the floor. You can also program it to define the duration of the maintenance, the surface to be cleaned, the cleaning cycles, etc. Control can be done from a tablet or smartphone application.

appli robot connecte zodiac

The different types of filtration of the electric robot

The electric robot offers different types of filtration depending on the degree of pollution in your pool: fine, medium or large debris. When restarting your pool when the nice weather returns, start with a rough filter to remove leaves and other large plant debris that may have accumulated. Subsequently, regular standard filtering allows for good maintenance. Finally, fine filtering gets rid of the most tenuous impurities.

entretien sac filtration 2

Maintenance of the electric robot and its filter

The electric pool robot requires more maintenance than the hydraulic robot, in particular because of its integrated filter. In return, your pool's filtration system is not required during cleaning.

When the cleaning cycle is finished, take your robot out of the water and remember to unplug the power cable from the control box. It is important to take care of your cable to extend its longevity as much as possible. Do not let it twist and dry it before storing it.

The robot should be cleaned with clean or lightly soapy water if dirt adheres to its surface. Do not use any solvents. The part that requires your greatest attention is the filter which guarantees the performance of the pool robot. If your filter is clogged, cleaning effectiveness is called into question and your device may be prevented from climbing the walls.

Therefore, systematically clean the filter after each use with clean water or possibly lightly soapy water if the dirt persists.

compratif robot ZODIAC CNX

compratif robot ZODIAC CNX