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Do you want to install a spa in your garden but want to invest in more durable equipment? Then a semi-rigid spa is what you need.

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	Spa semi rigide NetSpa VITA

NetSpa VITA semi-rigid spa

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Octopus semi-rigid spa - NetSpa

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Netspa spa furniture

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Semi-rigid spa, excellent value for money

A spa on your terrace or in your garden is a real plus but there are many models and you don't know which one to choose. You can turn to inflatable spas but if you want a more durable installation, opt for a semi-rigid spa.

In fact, our semi-rigid spas are in a way an improved version which consists of a frame and a liner which gives it better solidity. At Distripool, we offer you different models ofsemi-rigid spas accessible for less than €1000. You can therefore improve your exteriors with a quality and durable semi-rigid spa without breaking the bank.


A spa that is easy to install wherever you want

The semi-rigid spa is made from foam components. It is therefore a lightweight installation weighing less than 50 kg. Its weight varies depending on the model, but oursemi-rigid spas are easily transportable, which allows you to install it wherever you want. Thanks to its ingenious system, its installation is carried out in less than 15 minutes. Each of our snot semi-rigid is delivered with its filtration pump and everything needed to connect it electrically. You can take a hot bath indoors in winter and take it out in summer to cool down and relax outdoors.

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Invite your friends to relax in your semi-rigid spa

Our semi-rigid spas can accommodate up to 6 people. Enough to organize relaxing afternoons and evenings with friends or family. The height is specially designed to allow you to completely immerse yourself in order to fully benefit from the hydromassage jets and maximum relaxation. In addition, semi-rigid spas offer many benefits for your health. Hydrotherapy can relieve stress, improve blood circulation and release toxins. When we relax in a hot tub, our brain releases endorphins, which provide a feeling of well-being and improve sleep quality. Finally, thanks to these foam-reinforced walls, sitting in a semi-rigid spa is much more comfortable than in a simple inflatable spa.

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