4-seater inflatable spa

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The joy of relaxing in a jacuzzi is now within everyone's reach, thanks to the inflatable spa that you install at home. No need to go to a spa establishment anymore, Distripool offers you its selection of 4-seater inflatable spas at affordable prices which you will enjoy at home, as a couple, with family or with friends

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Install your 4-seater inflatable spa wherever you want !

The first advantage of the 4-seater inflatable spa is its mobility. It installs easily and quickly, while adapting to the configuration of your home and the seasons.

For example, you can reserve a place for it in your garden or on your terrace during the warm seasons. However, you can move it to a shady location in the event of a heatwave.

Is the weather starting to get bad with autumn? You move your 4-seater inflatable spa to a more sheltered location, under your veranda or in a room dedicated to it.

Are you going on vacation to rent or stay in your second home? It would be a shame to deprive yourself of your4-seater inflatable spa. That's good, you fold it up easily and take it with you.

You don't want to use it during the winter? You might as well empty it and fold it so that it doesn't take up too much space while waiting for the sunny days to return. The only requirement for your 4-seater inflatable spa is to be installed on a flat surface.

Express assembly and disassembly of the 4-seater inflatable spa

Our spas are designed to be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily, without any qualifications. Thanks to their integrated blower, they inflate themselves and all you have to do is fill them.

Reserve a reduced budget for a quality product

The particularity of being inflatable does not in any way imply lower quality. The Distripool selection has been subject to drastic checks to ensure we offer you the best. The raw materials used to make the spas are qualitative and solid. The walls and bottom offer sufficient rigidity for good support, but remain soft for your comfort. You can inflate and deflate your hot tub as many times as you want, it retains its original shape.

This requirement allows us to guarantee you ainflatable spa 4-seater comfortable, stylish, durable and equipped with all the comfort and safety accessories.

As for the budget, it remains very reasonable to offer you a “luxury” service! The equipment to purchase is less than that of a rigid spa, but you also have to take into account the accessories which contribute to savings in use.

Thus, thanks to an intelligent “eco” mode, you do not waste energy. As soon as your water reaches the ideal temperature that you have previously set, the heating stops automatically. It restarts when the temperature drops. Insulation plays a vital role in keeping the water at the right temperature. This is why the materials constituting the walls are carefully selected, taking care to choose the right thickness.

Finally, thanks to the insulated cover that comes with our 4-seater inflatable spa, you avoid heat loss. In addition to comfort and economical operating mode, Distripool spas are perfectly secure. You risk no interference between water and electrical equipment.

Choose the design to your liking!

Distripool offers you different designs, so you can find the 4-seater inflatable spa of your dreams! It must match your tastes and find its place in your environment. Round or square, blue, black or brown, all you have to do is select the model that will delight you by offering you wonderful moments of relaxation!