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AQUALUX Fondé en 1973, Aqualux a su marquer le monde de la piscine de luxe par son approche innovante en ne proposant que des produits extrêmement fiables et de qualité pour le marché français, puis européen. Après 40 ans d’expérience dans les piscines haut de gamme, Aqualux est toujours le numéro 1 dans la conception et la fabrication de piscines de luxe. L’entreprise qui a depuis 2014, rejoint le groupe ChemoForm et Fija, continue de faire évoluer les standards.

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The history of Aqualux

Created byLiliane and Francis Guillot, the Aqualux adventure began in the pretty town of Saint Rémy de Provence. Since 1973, the small company Guillot SARL has gone through several stages of development, taking the small family adventure to the status of a TGP holding company.

While concentrating on its main line of activity, the Guillot couple diversified by creating the subsidiary companyTECHNICEAU, specialized in the distribution of swimming pool equipment in 1982. Their expertise then extended to products intended for plumbing and heating.

It was only 10 years later that the Aqualux brand was born. From a simple swimming pool installer and distributor, the Guillot company has become a manufacturer of products and services for swimming pool professionals. To complete its complete range of reliable and innovative products, it set up a manufacturing plant for swimming pool maintenance products in the year 2000.

Expansion abroad has apparently always been a goal for the Guillot company, especially since its son, Sébastien Guillot, took over the reins of the company in 2009. The Aqualux brand is becoming known in Europe thanks to an excellent communication strategy and by increasing partnerships (with Olympique de Marseille in 2021 for example).

In Sébastien Guillot's sights, national and international resellers. In 2014, the Aqualux brand joined the German group Chemform, leader in the manufacturing ofwater treatment products. It thus benefits from this group's network to have a certain international presence. The acquisition of the FIJA group by Chemform in 2019 contributed to the creation of the CF GROUP, marking the start of better positioning on a European scale.

Aqualux in figures

This solid and viable company established itself in the luxury swimming pool landscape before becoming a large-scale structure with more than 100 employees in season, not including the staff of the Tunisian branch of Aqualux. It has generated more than 30 million euros per year in turnover over the last 20 years, including 10% from exports, ensuring national influence.

Aqualux, a brand centered around human values.

Aqualux stands out for theperformance and reliability of its products but also for the quality of its services. To achieve this result, it placed trust from the start in the skills of its employees for the design, production and marketing of the equipment.

Aqualux's strong point also lies in its ability to provide a complete range of services to its customers, made up of professionals and individuals (resellers, distributors, installers, users). The brand offers to carry out the marketing study and sales pitch, and is responsible for the delivery of products intended for the construction, maintenance, renovation and enhancement of swimming pools.

Indeed, 40 years of experience have also enabled it to establish operating instructions and a well-established swimming pool installation process. The Guillot company has validated a certain number of control points for its Aqualux brand in order to optimize results during the construction of a project.

Products by Aqualux

The Aqualux concept is therefore to design innovative and sustainable swimming pool products and equipment. The brand therefore essentially offers two models of swimming pools:in-ground steel swimming pool and above-ground steel swimming pool. For each model, Aqualux has developed a whole range of equipment: filtration group, speed regulator with pumps, electrical boxes, automatic treatment, plumbing kits, floor mats, liner and accessories, rollers or covers,pompes à chaleur, LED, ladders and shower.

On the maintenance side, Aqualux offers a whole series of accessories (bottom net, wall broom, surface net, chlorine dispenser, thermometer, etc.) from major brands such as EDG Premium, Profiline, Planet Pool, First or Skimmer.

On the Water Care side, the flagship EDG by Aqualux products are available in granules, liquid, pebbles or tablets for easy use adapted to each case. Whether for Bi-Activ 400, Neutral Phosphates, pH minus and pH plus solutions, stop algae, shock cholera, shock bromine, active oxygen, calcium hypochlorite, the company has received approval from the Ministry of Health in 1989.

The future of Aqualux

Since 2017, the company has launched theVITALIA project which is focused onconnected swimming pools and intelligent. The latter now respond to a market need that should not be neglected. Swimming pool users appreciate the idea of ​​having a swimming pool that can be fully controlled remotely. Aqualux now offers intelligent solutions to maintain your swimming pool in no time, in order to have pure and healthy water, save energy and improve safety around the swimming pool.