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Your above ground pool requires impeccable waterproofing. To this end, our robust and quality liners will allow you to protect it in the long term. We offer you the choice between various price ranges, various colors and several thicknesses available according to your expectations. We selllinerscompatible for all major brands: Gré, Abak, bestway, albatica, Vogue....

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Choose the right above ground pool liner?

A liner can considerably extend the lifespan of your above ground pool. All the products in our catalog are simple to use and easily installed. Just take care to choose the right liner compatible with your pool, and do not hesitate to ask us for advice if in doubt. Depending on the brand, however, you should easily determine which liner is compatible. In addition, our guarantees provide you with peace of mind allowing you to fully enjoy your haven of peace.

The liner of an above-ground swimming pool is essential equipment. In fact, it is he who ensures the watertightness of your pool. If it is damaged, you must quickly take steps to replace it. Indeed, your above-ground swimming pool requires a quality liner in order to avoid water loss, for example.

Do not compromise on quality, while preserving your budget is essential when purchasing an above-ground pool liner. This is why at Distripool.fr, we offer you approved products that comply with our quality approach.

You will find robust products in our range that will protect your swimming pool in the long term. Furthermore, we have chosen to work with the biggest brands. Thus, we have selected for you compatible liners for all above-ground swimming pools:Gré,Abak, | ||1253bestway,albatica, or evenVogue. Whether your above-ground steel pool is round or oval, you can make your choice at the best price. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility of choosing several thicknesses from 30/100th to 75/100th. It is important to ask the question of the thickness of the liner, because it is a criterion for longevity over time.

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A thicker above-ground pool liner will be ideal for withstanding children's games. Or even variations in Ph. But you can choose a finer liner if you only use your pool from time to time. On most of our models of above-ground pond liners, you benefit from a 5-year warranty. Indeed, we attach great importance to your satisfaction. With this guarantee, you can make your purchase with peace of mind from a specialist.

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Our collection of liner for your above ground pool

Distributor and professional in the swimming pool world for 20 years , we put all our know-how at your disposal. Our team is at your disposal to advise you as best as possible. Taking measurements, colors, thickness, compatibility, we answer all your questions.

For example, it is essential to know that the installation of a liner is done in hot weather. In fact, the size of the liner is necessarily smaller than that of your swimming pool. This allows you to have a quality result with a tight liner.

And thus, knowing no folds. There is no point trying to install your pool liner above ground when the weather is too cool. You will not be able to have the elasticity necessary for optimal pose. In addition, it is important to specify how to attach your liner. For all of our above-ground steel swimming pools, the liner is attached using the Overlap system. It is a quick, simple and proven method. And it allows less precise measurement, while maintaining your liner securely.

In addition, our manufacturers meet demanding specifications. And this for all of our ranges of liners, for wooden or above-ground swimming pools. So that you can enjoy your above-ground swimming pool in the first sunny days, we deliver quickly anywhere in France. So, if your liner is damaged from one season to the next, you can replace it easily and as quickly as possible.

Why is the liner of your above ground pool so important?

The above-ground swimming pool is a practical and economical solution for enjoying the joys of swimming in your garden. However, to guarantee its durability and waterproofing, the choice of liner is essential. At Distripool.fr, we understand the importance of this choice and we are committed to offering you superior quality liners.

The liner is the membrane that covers the inside of your above-ground pool. It plays an essential role in ensuring the watertightness of the pool, preventing water leaks and protecting the structure of the pool against external aggression. A poor quality or damaged liner can lead to water loss, damage to the pool structure and a reduction in the lifespan of your pool.

Our quality commitments

At Distripool.fr, we are aware of the importance of a quality above-ground pool liner. This is why we work with the biggest brands in the sector to offer you liners suitable for all above-ground swimming pools, whether round, oval or any other shape.

We offer a varied range of thicknesses, ranging from 30/100th to 75/100th, to meet all needs and uses. Whether you frequently use your pool for family games or occasionally for relaxation, we have the above-ground pool liner you need.

We offer a 5-year warranty on most of our models, because we are convinced of the quality of our products.

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Advice for successful installation of your above-ground pool liner

The installation of an above-ground swimming pool liner requires some precautions to guarantee optimal results:

- Ideal temperature: It is recommended to install the liner in hot weather. The heat makes the liner more elastic, making it easier to install and preventing wrinkles from forming.

- Fixing system: For our above-ground steel swimming pools, the Overlap fixing system is preferred. Simple and effective, it guarantees solid fixation of the liner.

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Distripool.fr: your ally for a quality above ground pool liner

With more than 20 years of experience in the swimming pool field, we put all our know-how at your service. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you and answer all your questions. From measuring to color, thickness and compatibility, we're here to guide you. By choosing Distripool.fr for your above-ground pool liner, you are choosing quality, durability and service. Take full advantage of your above-ground swimming pool, with complete peace of mind, thanks to our high-end liners.