Robots autonomes ou électriques pour piscine

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The electric robot is THE solution for those who want to swim in a swimming pool with clean, clear water without having to make too much effort. In this section, discover all our robot models electric at the best prices. At Distripool, we offer different brands, such as Dolphin, Hayward or Zodiac.

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Robot piscine RobotClean Accu XS - Ubbink - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu XS pool robot - Ubbink

179.00| ||1083 €
Robot piscine RobotClean Accu - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu pool robot

Robot piscine robotclean 1  - Ubbink

robotclean pool robot 1

Robot de piscine Robotclean 2  - Ubbink

Robotclean 2 pool robot

  • 3/5
2 reviews
Robot piscine Zodiac OT 3200 Tornax - TILE - Zodiac

Zodiac OT 3200 Tornax pool robot - TILE

Robot piscine Dolphin série E10 - Fond  - Dolphin

Dolphin E10 Series Pool Robot - Background | ||1254

  • 4/5
1 review
Robot piscine RobotClean Accu XL PRO (2024)  - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu XL PRO pool robot (2024 )

  • 3/5
1 review
Robot piscine DOLPHIN NAUTY

DOLPHIN NAUTY pool robot

from: 799,00
Robot piscine autonome CNX 20 et 25

Autonomous pool robot CNX 20 and 25

from: 845,00
Robot piscine Vortex OV3400 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex OV3400 Zodiac pool robot

Robot piscine Vortex OV3480 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex OV3480 Zodiac pool robot

Robot piscine Vortex RV 4460 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex RV 4460 Zodiac pool robot || |1610

  • 3/5
1 review
Robot piscine Zodiac 4WD OV5200

Zodiac 4WD OV5200 pool robot

Robot piscine Dolphin série E30  - Fond et parois et ligne d’eau - Dolphin

Dolphin E30 series pool robot - Bottom and walls and water line

  • 5/5
1 review
Robot piscine Vortex OV3505 Zodiac  - Zodiac

Vortex OV3505 Zodiac pool robot

Robot autonome Zodiac 4WD OV5300 : Swivel

Zodiac 4WD OV5300 autonomous robot: Swivel

Robot de piscine CNX 40 iQ - Zodiac

CNX 40 iQ pool robot - Zodiac

1 125,00
Robot piscine Zodiac Vortex : OV 5480IQ

Zodiac Vortex pool robot: OV 5480IQ

1,509, 00
Robot Dolphin Explorer Poolstyle 40I : Connecté - Dolphin

Robot Dolphin Explorer Poolstyle 40I: Connected

Robot piscine Dolphin série E 40i - Connecté  - Dolphin

Dolphin E 40i Series Pool Robot - Connected

1,409 .00

Over time, the bottom and walls of your pool can become clogged. So, to continue to you swim in a clean and healthy swimming pool, the robot turns out to be essential equipment. Find out everything you need to know about the electric pool robot.

Electric pool robot, how does it work?

Unlike the hydraulic robot, the electric robot is not connected to the filtration system of your swimming pool. Equipped with its own water suction and filtration system - which avoids overload the pond filter and therefore reduce the time spent cleaning it , as well as a or several (up to 3) low voltage electric motors (between 12 and 24 V), it can be equipped with a battery, or powered by a cable connected to a household electrical outlet.

When you start a cleaning cycle – whether you start it manually or have programmed it , the robot moves randomly at the bottom of the pool and for certain models, along the walls and on the water line, so as to rid them of small debris, dirt and impurities. He cleans the entire basin in a methodical and autonomous manner, thanks to grid movements. A method which has the advantage of working without you having to intervene in any way, except when immersing your robot in water!

Which model of electric pool robot to choose?

There are different models of electric robots, which meet the criteria more or less well following:

- The type of pool you want to clean. In fact, you will not have to invest in the same model whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. It seems obvious that an above-ground pool cannot be cleaned by a robot that climbs the walls;
- The size of this pool. Obviously, you will not need the same model of robot as your pool measures 4 or 12 m, in particular because the length of the wire will not allow it to go to the end of the pool if you choose a model that is not suitable for its size;
- The budget you have available. While the prices of electric pool robots may vary from simple to triple (or even quadruple!) while of course being equipped with gradual effectiveness, all the world does not necessarily have the means to buy the most efficient model;
- The features you think you absolutely need. If for example, you are regularly away from home but want the water in your swimming pool to remain clean and clearly, opting for a robot with a programmer can be an interesting idea.

Do not hesitate to contact Distripool if you need advice on choosing your robot. cleaning. We will help you find the robot cleaner that suits you and which will allow you good maintenance of your swimming pool