The world of low-cost saunas: Infrared, traditional, outdoor

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Infrared or traditional sauna?


The infrared sauna is characterized by both the speed and the gentleness of its action, the infrared sauna brings you vitality, relaxation and rest. The sweating that takes place during a session is very intense, but, originating inside the body, causes a pleasant sensation and protects blood circulation. 30 minutes of heavy sweating in the heated cabin is enough to feel restorative relaxation. Infrared saunas are suitable for all generations. Inside, the temperature ranges from 20 to 60°C. As a cabin does not generate humidity and its electrical connection only requires a standard socket, assembly can be carried out in any room.

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The traditional sauna with stove.|| |1106  La version la plus connue du sauna ! Avec une chaleur de 90 à 100 °C. Notre gamme de sauna comprend 2 types de construction : le sauna system type 68 mm: They consist of prefabricated wall elements inside of which there is an insulating layer . The two visible walls are made on either side of vertically-jointed wooden planks, the other two are made of hard fiberboard. This insulation guarantees an optimal climate inside the sauna. On40 mm solid wood saunas, the prefabricated walls are made up of planks fitted together horizontally by a system of grooves and tongues, like on traditional Finnish saunas. Functionally, both types of construction are identical. Your preference is only a question of taste and personal appreciation.


Distripool sauna: optimum quality!

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1 : Conronnes: 3 or 6 20 W halogen spots included (adjustable)|| |1122

2 : Eléments déco : hide the ends and junctions of the strips

3: Caps: All exterior screws are covered with optimally with caps

The 40 mm solid wood sauna

sauna bois massif 40 mm SAHIB

The 40 mm solid wood saunasconsist of elementsprefabricated walls made of 40 mm thick planks. The latter are fitted together by a system ofdouble grooves and double tongues, as on traditional Finnish saunas. This assembly method, which takes its example from the Finnish model, is theoriginal method of constructing saunas.