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To enjoy your swimming pool in complete safety, especially if it concerns child safety, it is necessary to have a swimming pool ladder or a swimming pool staircase. In this section, you will find our models of stairs and ladders suitable for all sizes and types of swimming pools. They are one of the essential swimming pool accessories. Thanks to these accessories, the whole family will be able to swim in complete safety.

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The importance of a staircase swimming pool and a swimming pool ladder

Lsafety ladderor the staircase swimming pool are essential to facilitate access to the swimming pool from any what type, whether we are talking about a wooden swimming pool, an Intex swimming pool or a steel swimming pool. Above all, it is about establishing asecurity system which will allow your loved ones to bathe without worry. The price of a swimming pool is justified when no concern is linked to it. It's easy to find ascale cheap which corresponds to your swimming pool.

A swimming pool staircase isvery easy to install and it should be part of your plans from construction of it, just like the swimming pool barrier. The scale, for its part, must be durable so that the whole family can use it safely.Distripool offers a wide range of models for all structures and for all budgets. You just have to choose the one that suits you best to your environment.

Choose your model wisely staircase or swimming pool ladder

The ladder models you will find areeasy to install and very practical. They can be in aluminum or stainless steel. You can also choose more elegant models by drink. You have the choice of carrying out the installation yourself or having call a professional. You will find models of scales of 2, 3 or 4 steps, according to your needs. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, you will have then need ascale with one foot on the ground and the other in the water.

As for swimming pool stairs, they can be made of different materials, such as acrylic, concrete or plastic. polyester. The staircase can be directly integrated into the structure of the swimming pool just as it can be mobile. Each allows access to the swimming pool by completely safe. You can add elements likesteps non-slip and jets. The stairs can also be of different shapes and can harmonize with any type of swimming pool.

Distripool has made sure to offermodels ergonomic swimming pool stairs. The materials are durable and you will provide durable and comfortable access to your swimming pool. Stairs can be triangular or rectangular in shape. Our collection ladders will allow you to find the one you need! They are easy to install and allow you to easily secure your pool while respecting your budget.

Distripool also offers severalaccessorieswhich will allow you to take full advantage of your ladder or your stairs. You will find, among other things, akit renovation for acrylic staircase or even supports scale.The Distripool team is available to answer all your questions questions.

Stairs or ladder: what to choose ?

The swimming pool ladder and the staircase swimming pool both have their own advantages. It all depends on yourpriorities. The swimming pool ladder is back in fashion after being ignored for a few years. It was necessary to recognize that it still holds several assets and that it bringscomfort and security. The fact that it can adapt to all users work in its favor. Whether they are elderly people or children, it is very safe for everyone.

A standard scale model is very suitable good for an in-ground swimming pool. As was mentioned before, ascale double is suitable for an above-ground swimming pool. Let the ladder be made in aluminum or stainless steel, it is most of the time equipped with anon-slip integrated.

The swimming pool staircase also presents several advantages. Itsaesthetic appearance is attractive. Moreover, he is verypractical and allows you to move around and access the swimming pool with lots of comfort and ease. It also allowsto integrate accessories decorative elements in the swimming pool, whetherlighting orsystem filtration. The models are very varied and you are sure to find a style that perfectly suits your pool.

A wide range of materials is also proposed for your swimming pool staircase. You have the choice between acrylic, polyethylene and laminated polyester. The staircase can also be built made of concrete and integrated directly into the swimming pool. If your pool has a liner covering, you must then opt for a tailor-made staircase. It's necessary therefore measure the exact length, height and width of the steps.

It is always possible to combine the advantages of the staircase and the ladder by opting for both. The scale of swimming pool can provide an extra sense of security in case you fear slipping on stairs when wet.