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Do you particularly like swimming and the massages provided by the water in your swimming pool? Then opt for a counter-current swimming pump. Distripool presents its range:

Distripool: a complete set of counter-current swimming pumps

Personalize your swimming pool according to your desires, Distripool knows how to do it. And our range of counter-current swimming pumps is proof of that. Our high-end models are powerful, reliable and ready to install. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of it even more quickly to swim against the current in your pool or indulge in some hydromassages.

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All counter-current swimming for your swimming pool at the best price

There are several types of counter-current swimming according to your needs and your pool type.

First of all, the so-called outboard equipment which ensures great ease of installation. In fact, it attaches to the edge of your pool very quickly. A counter-current swimming pump like this does not require any major work. With its powerful pump, this quality equipment will allow you to enjoy sporty swimming or a moment of relaxation like during balneotherapy. The Jet Luxe model in particular is guaranteed for 2 years and free delivery throughout France.

For maximum discretion, you can also choose a pump to be inserted in a dedicated technical room. This set allows you to have a specific place for your counter-current swimming. You can install it in your technical room with your filtration system, or directly in the concrete structure.

Which counter-current swimming should you choose?

When purchasing a counter-current swimming pump, you will need to choose the power. The capacities, expressed in m3, are to be chosen according to your needs and your objectives. For example, a 30 m3 would be ideal for children. A 50 m3 pump will be ideal for an experienced, adult swimmer. Finally, if you choose a 70 m3 swimming pump, prepare yourself for a competitive level of swimming.

To make your choice, also take into account the type of swimming pool you have. In fact, not all types of counter-current swimming for swimming pools are suitable for all pools. For example, if you have a polyester shell your choice will have to focus on a model designed for it. TheJet Vag Junior is installed on wooden, concrete swimming pools with liner or shell...

The same goes for the installation of your swimming against the current. You can also bury your technical room next to your swimming pool. With a proven ventilation system, its lifespan is optimal. Depending on the distance between your counter-current swimming pump and the part to be sealed, the diameter of the plumbing kit may be different.

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In addition, we advise you to install the pump as close as possible to the parts to be sealed without elbows or bends. Make sure you provide the right diameter so that your installation works properly and without forcing. An important point to respect when using your counter-current swimmer is the wintering stage. In the event of extreme cold or severe frost, you will need to disconnect the tube from the push button and drain the pump. It is therefore important to clearly define your project, and our team of specialists is there for that.

We will assist you in your choice by email or telephone in order to give you the best advice.

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