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To protect your filtration system and the accessories necessary for treating the water in your swimming pool, it is essential to invest in a technical room. At Distripool, we offer several models of premises: buried, semi-buried, above ground, in mini or larger versions, in wood or polyester, etc. Discover in this category, all our models of swimming pool premises, to choose according to your needs and desires.

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A swimming pool technical room: what exactly is it?

The technical room allows you to protect all the accessories necessary for the filtration and treatment of the water in your swimming pool. These bulky items must be stored dry and protected from heat or cold. This is why the technical room is an essential element for the proper functioning of your swimming pool. Please note that there are several types of technical swimming pool rooms, buried semi-buried or above ground. Each has advantages and disadvantages. They also come in different sizes (mini, standard, large) and materials (wood, polyester). You will therefore have to choose the one that best suits your pool, but also your needs and desires.

Design of a swimming pool technical room: what should you think about?

A technical room therefore contains different elements, in particular linked to the filtration system. But they should not be installed haphazardly. When designing and installing your premises, you must think about:

The swimming pool pump: it must be installed as close as possible to the swimming pool and the water level, so the location of the technical room must also be studied according to this criterion. For example, for an above-ground room, the difference between the water level of your swimming pool and the pump must not be greater than 10 centimeters;
The filter: it must be installed in accordance with regulations. Namely, it must be accessible to be able to intervene if necessary (maintenance or repair);
Hydraulic and electrical connections: they allow you to control various equipment (skimmer, bottom drain, discharges, broom socket, sewer connection). These connections must comply with very specific standards which require the use of a professional. They will also advise you on the connection distances to respect to avoid loss of equipment performance.

Also, when designing your technical room, think about its insulation. Indeed, the filtration elements must be stored dry and protected from heat or cold. Therefore, the room must have good ventilation (either natural or artificial), and be properly insulated. Sound insulation can also be provided in the event of a noisy pump.

Finally, be aware that your technical room can accommodate other equipment such as swimming pool heating (to be installed after the filter), water treatment accessories (an electrolyzer must be installed after the heating ), the pH or chlorine regulator, the booster, etc. Depending on your desires and needs, consider planning the installation of this other equipment and adapting the size of your premises. Did you know ? There are models of technical rooms directly installed by the manufacturer on the market. So, all you have to do is connect the room to the parts of your swimming pool to be sealed. If you need advice regarding the purchase of a technical room and questions regarding its design and installation, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.