Buy your SPA: Inflatable spa, saunas, portable spa

On, we offer well-equipped equipment for sale be par excellence: the SPA! It's true that to give yourself the impression of being in thalassotherapy, there is nothing better Except that you don't need to leave your home and you are entitled to as many whenever we want! Discover our selection of spas and saunas, another relaxation equipment to transform your garden into a true haven of peace

Why install a spa in your garden?

Already, because if you don't have enough space to install the swimming pool of your dreams, the spa can be a good alternative. In the heart of summer, we are generally happy to find a water point in which to take a dip, regardless of its size! Obviously, you will have to abandon the idea of ​​doing laps But you will at least be able to enjoy moments relaxing in the hot water and enjoying the swirls and massages provided by the air bubbles.

If your garden is already full, the spa is also a great piece to add alongside a swimming pool. The swimming pool will serve you for breaststroke or aquabiking, and the spa to relax your muscles once your sports session is finished.

Ideal spa: how to choose it?

If the spa is ideal for relaxation, it is because its hot water activates blood circulation and the pleasant massaging effect of the air bubbles combined with the impression of being in weightlessness in the water allows the whole body to relax.

The little extra? In addition to feeling good in your body, you feel good in your head Because in this kind of situation the body produces endorphins, also called “happiness hormones”!

On Distripool, we offer the following spa models:

· A selection ofportable acrylic spa or | ||1095semi-rigides in insulating foam, which have the particularity of being both very light and easy to move;
· A choice ofinflatable spas of different shapes and sizes, less expensive than their portable cousins ​​but just as pleasant and conducive to relaxation;
· Models ofNordic baths, the ecological alternative from Finland with a 100% natural look that has the art of blending into the garden.

Which sauna for heat lovers?

If you are more into steam bathing, it is better to consider purchasing a sauna. Perfect for releasing pressure, deeply cleansing the skin and unclogging the bronchi, this equipment will make you happy when it gets cold in winter

Imagine: you will only have to cross the bathroom, the veranda or the garden before entering a real bubble of warmth and happiness. Because in the same way that your body produces endorphins when you immerse yourself in a spa, it produces them when you feel the effects of the sauna

On Distripool, you will find:

·traditional wooden saunas in different sizes, top of the range and so easy to use that they will find their place in a veranda or a bathroom without problem.
· Various models ofoutdoor saunas, for those who do not have the space to install their equipment indoors or do not have no suitable room.
· And a choice ofinfrared saunas, luxury wooden equipment operating either with the carbon technique or with the ceramic technique.

How do I find spare parts for my spa?

On Distripool, we not only offer spas for your greatest pleasure, but alsospare parts to optimize or replace those that are missing. your equipment.

Among them, we include:

·circulation and massage pumps for the jets;de circulation et de massage pour les jets ;
·ozonatorsto purify water naturally;
·electric heaters to keep your spa at the right temperature;
·cartridge filters to keep the water always clear and pure;
·blowerfor the small bubbles in the jacuzzi;
· And many other spare parts so that there is something for everyone!

You will understand: if you are looking for well-being You are exactly in the right place