Round or elongated octagonal swimming pool

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The octagonal swimming pool is ideal for large families. It can be wide enough for swimming and is very interesting for children who want to play. It is possible to find high quality wooden swimming pools in an octagonal shape, as well as several swimming pool accessories allowing you to properly maintain your octagonal swimming pool. It is, for example, useful to buy a pool and spa vacuum cleaner. Discover in this section everything you need to know about the octagonal swimming pool.

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Why buy an octagonal swimming pool?

An octagonal swimming pool is ideal for meeting the needs of the whole family. This 8-sided swimming pool can come in different shapes that will suit your home and garden ensemble. An octagonal wooden swimming pool is very suitable in the middle of a wooden garden. The octagonal pool can simply be a round pool with all 8 sides of the same size. It is large enough to accommodate the entire family.

You can find octagonal pools in a shape that suits you more. It is possible to choose your swimming pool by opting for the elongated shape. The sides of this type of pool are of different dimensions. The octagonal pool can also be rectangular. With an elongated or rectangular pool, you will be more comfortable doing laps.

An octagonal swimming pool offers you a lot of latitude since it can be buried, semi-buried or above ground. You can therefore choose an octagonal swimming pool that suits your land and your budget. You also have the choice of materials, even if most of the time, the wooden swimming pool is the most popular

How to choose the right octagonal swimming pool?

You can choose a very beautiful wooden swimming pool which will give elegance to your garden. Make your choice based on the space you have available. Octagonal pools come in all sizes. Install your pool making sure the ground is flat. This way, your octagonal pool will remain stable and the ground will not sag. It will therefore remain in good condition for a long time.

At Distripool, you will find both above-ground wooden swimming pools and in-ground octagonal swimming pools. You can, among other things, buy a swimming pool from theOCEA range offered by the Ubbink brand. The wooden swimming pools in this range are made from quality wood from Northern Europe. Choose this type of pool if you have a smaller space, for example if you live in a city.

The wooden swimming pool kits from the OCEA range are very easy to install. Their maintenance and use are not complicated either. You will appreciate this octagonal swimming pool and its timeless design which will give a lot of charm to your garden space. If you are looking for a compromise for a low-cost octagonal swimming pool for small and large spaces, the OCEA range still has something to satisfy you with the elongated octagonal swimming pool. This pool can be buried, semi-buried or above ground depending on your preferences. You benefit from a wide choice of dimensions which allows you to find the ideal swimming pool for your land. The elongated octagonal pool has side reinforcements which make it very resistant. You will also appreciate the aluminum finish of the copings. This pool is inexpensive and very simple to install.

In the Ubbink brand, we also mention theoctagonal wooden WEKA swimming pool, which has the same type of structure as the swimming pools mentioned previously. Its felt, however, is only background. The support system is not exactly similar. The wood is impregnable and a fungicide treatment can therefore be applied.

Octagonal pool: maintain your pool with the right accessories

It is important to obtain the equipment that will allow you to properly preserve your octagonal pool and maintain it properly.

Given the particular shape of this swimming pool, it is appropriate to use certain accessories rather than others. Therefore, manufacturers generally offer a pool kit suitable for octagonal pools.

Among the accessories offered, it is recommended to purchase a swimming pool vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner cleans the water thoroughly, which is difficult to achieve with manual cleaning. Here again, a large selection of vacuum cleaners is available. You can choose the model that best suits the size and shape of your pool. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner, you will avoid encrustations and the water will remain very healthy.

You must take into account the characteristics and dimensions of your octagonal pool to choose the right vacuum cleaner. Choose the voltage based on the size and depth of the pool. There are vacuum cleaners suitable for all shapes of swimming pools. Among the choices offered, you can opt for the bromine treatment pack, especially suitable for spas. The spa can be treated for 3 to 4 months with this pack.

It is also important to invest in covers or tarpaulins that suit the shape and dimensions of your pool.