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Spécialiste des accessoires pour piscine, Poolstar se démarque grâce à son sens de l’innovation, la qualité de ses produits et la satisfaction du client. Cette jeune entreprise propose des équipements pour piscines (pompes à chaleur, robots…), des douches d’extérieur, des spas, des saunas ainsi que des vélos pour les activités d’aquabiking. C’est pour leur activité novatrice, la qualité des produits qu’ils offrent et l’importance de la satisfaction du client que nous vous proposons leurs produits dans notre boutique en ligne.

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Poolstar: the innovative swimming pool specialist

With a workforce of only 3 people at its beginnings, in 2006, the Poolstar brand today proudly displays its 60 employees spread across France and all over the world . With a vision focused on innovation, it has managed to seduce the hearts of the general public. Moreover, thanks to its team of engineers who are never short of ideas, Poolstar has already received the prestigiousInternational Innovation Prize.

Poolstar will undoubtedly receive many more prizes in the years to come. We are thinking in particular of the price of the best customer support since the brand attaches particular importance to its customers.

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Our POOLSTAR products:

Heating for swimming pool: Poolstar offers various accessories to equip your swimming pool. Heating systems are the most popular. Indeed, heating systems for swimming pools allow you toheat your water pool to be able to enjoy it whatever the time of year. The complete range of heat pumps that we sell offer an excellent economical and ecological alternative to traditional heating.

Sauna: The sauna comes from a traditional Finnish practice from around 2000 years ago, where one takes a dry heat bath to relax. Indeed, the dry heat of the sauna helps release endorphins (well-being hormone). Known for its anti-stress properties, the sauna is also an excellent way to treat your skin by cleansing it deeply. The high heat also helps improve blood circulation. We offer 2 types of sauna: the traditional sauna (steam) and theinfrared sauna.

Spas: Poolstar offers various models of spas so that you can relax according to your criteria and desires: acrylic, semi-rigid orinflatable| ||1548.

Aquafitness: There are different products and accessories for practicing aquabiking and aquatraining. If aquafitness is so popular today, it is because it allows you to work the muscles in depth without traumatizing the joints. Another benefit of aquafitness is the feeling of well-being it provides. Between aquabiking and aquatraining, choose what suits you best! Poolstar offers a wide range of pool bikes as well as treadmills so you can practice these activities.

The Poolstar brand, although very recent, has quickly established itself with quality products that are attracting more and more users. Whether it is to fully equip your swimming pool, or to have your spa installed, this swimming pool specialist company has nothing to envy of the biggest!