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On Distripool.fr, you will find a large choice of swimming pool sealing parts. Discover, in this guide, what they are used for and which ones we offer for sale for the optimal functioning of your pool!

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What are swimming pool sealing parts used for?

Let's start at the beginning The parts to be sealed are elements that are found in a swimming pool when it is equipped with a filtration system: in fact, they are what connect the latter to the pool, and allow it to water to be filtered, disinfected and brewed in a closed circuit. Without these parts to seal, the water would end up (among other things) taking on a strange color over time, or leaks appearing everywhere.

Moreover, they are necessary regardless of the filtration system used: whether you opt for a system outside the pool or a sand filtration system, you will need to purchase parts to seal.

The important thing is to take these components into account when making the plans, and to pay particular attention to them during the structural work phase.

Zoom on the different existing parts to be sealed

If all the parts to be sealed must be in a specific location, the fact remains that they each have a very specific role. Among those sold on Distripool in liner or concrete version, we find in particular:

• The skimmers ;
• The bottom drain;
• The discharge nozzle ;
• The broom socket ;
• The water level regulator ;
• Wall crossing ;
• The spotlights ;
• The connection box…


The skimmer

From the English “to skim”, which means “to skim”, theskimmerhas the role of carrying out an initial filtering of the surface water and the surface film which is deposited there.

Being the number 1 link in the filtration chain, it is an essential part of the system which also recovers plant debris that can float on the surface of the water, such as dead leaves and other debris which are then found in Cart. Generally, it is recommended to install the skimmer facing the prevailing winds, so that the waste is pushed towards it. Other information to note: on small swimming pools, it is to the skimmer that we generally connect a vacuum cleaner like those we offer on Distripool.


The bottom drain

Located, as its name indicates, at the very bottom of the pool, thebottom drainis often the first part that is installed when building a swimming pool.

Incorporated at the lowest level of the basin, its role is to suck up part of the water from the bottom to send it back to the filtration group in order to partially recycle the deep water and capture the fallen waste. at the bottom of the basin To put it simply, it is the part which collects the impurities which have not been filtered by the skimmer, which also serves to drain the basin when this action is required.

When you install it, be careful to check the tightness between the drain and the drain pipe Without it, you will face a leak that is very complicated to repair.

Bonde FOND

The mouth or discharge nozzle

When the pool water is filtered, disinfected and heated (if you turn on the heating system), the mouth ordischarge nozzleis responsible for returning this clean water to the basin.

Moreover, it is also one of the elements which allow the mixing of the water and the distribution of the different disinfectant products that you choose to add to the latter in order to keep it clear and free of bacteria.

Sometimes it comes with an adjustable jet (this is preferable), which allows you to direct the water flow by sending, for example, all the impurities towards the skimmer.


The broom socket

Essential if you want to manually clean your pool, thebroom socketcan be connected either to a manual broom or to a semi-manual broom. It is generally placed in the middle of the longest wall length, but the size or shape of certain pools may require the installation of several broom sockets. Be careful though, it must be easily accessible from the beach! Important information: if you opt for cleaning using a robot with suppressor, this is where you will need to install the suppressor.

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The water level regulator

The name is transparent: thewater level regulatoris this essential part which allows you to maintain a constant water level in your swimming pool. Generally, it is connected on one side to the skimmer, and on the other to the city water supply so that water can be added when the level is too low.

For example, in the event of high heat causing the water to evaporate, or when bathers are agitated and have fun splashing, which projects large quantities of water into outside the pool, or when washing the filters.

Crossing the wall

Whether it is sealed in the masonry or incorporated into the formwork at the time of construction of a swimming pool, thewall crossing is a part which allows you to connect others, such as the delivery nozzles, the broom socket or the projector. They must be integrated into the plans if you have a concrete swimming pool construction project, and they are fixed on the walls of the swimming pool before screwing the parts to be sealed and then pouring the concrete into the blocks. Thus, the latter are connected to the hydraulic circuit.

The projector

If you hope to be able to swim at night, you are absolutely going to need a floodlight! Without it, you will be forced to swim in the dark And except on full moon evenings, it may be a little complicated.

There are several types of projectors:

Those withincandescence, with a power of 300 W/12 V;
Halogen ones, more economical and with a power of 50 to 100 W/12 V;
And theLED projectors The ultimate in modern projector technology!

projecteur piscine

Theconnection box

This is what connects the projector cable to the power supply cable.

Be vigilant: to be safe, it must guarantee perfect waterproofing so that swimming in your pool presents no danger Without that, we'll let you imagine the disaster!

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