Les atouts de la piscine semi-enterrée

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The semi-buried swimming pool has many advantages which make it accessible to many individuals. Thanks to this pool which is partly buried and the rest above ground, you benefit from tailor-made size and simplified installation, including on sloping grounds. Your garden is thus enhanced with a swimming area which you can enjoy for a good part of the year.

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The advantages of the semi-buried swimming pool

The semi-buried swimming pool has multiple advantages.

The choice of design and materials

You have a wide choice of materials, designs and shapes, which allows you to harmoniously integrate your pond into your garden.

The raw material first influences the style you want to create: semi-buried wooden swimming pool, semi-buried concrete swimming pool or semi-buried composite swimming pool. Note that you have the choice of colors and appearance, for example with anthracite gray composite panels or wood-look concrete.

To adapt to the topography of your land, you then select the ideal shape: round, square, rectangular, oval, octagonal, etc. You can also turn to a swim spa kit which offers you multiple mounting options.

Depending on your previous choices, you add steps or a ladder to your semi-buried pool to access the pool. The semi-buried swimming pool can be decorated with the same arrangements to surround it: swimming pool deck, pergola, etc. You can also choose to shelter it totally or partially under a pergola.

The robustness and durability of the semi-buried swimming pool

In terms of robustness and durability, the semi-buried swimming pool has nothing to envy of the classic in-ground pool. Furthermore, maintenance and repair work is simpler and less expensive to carry out.

Adaptation to the topography of your land

The semi-buried swimming pool is the most suitable for sloping grounds or those with relief, which allows it to be adapted in a multitude of configurations. Where applicable, the burial height differs from one side of the basin to the other. You also benefit from lower construction and installation costs.

A reasonable budget

The models insemi-buried swimming pool kit are more accessible, especially as you must take into account the simplified installation. Installation is also faster, which allows you to enjoy your pool more quickly.

Administrative procedures depending on the dimensions of your semi-buried swimming pool

The construction of a semi-buried swimming pool obeys almost the same rules as those applied to an in-ground swimming pool.

- You do not need any administrative formalities if the surface area of ​​your semi-buried swimming pool is less than 10 m².
- If your semi-buried swimming pool is not covered, its surface area is less than 100 m² and its height does not exceed 60 cm, a simple declaration of work is sufficient.
- If you add your pool to already built land, you must also request a declaration of works.
- You need a building permit for a semi-buried swimming pool of more than 20 m² under cover, as well as for pools with a surface area of ​​more than 100 m² and a height greater than 60 cm.

How to choose your semi-buried swimming pool? We offer you a wide range of semi-buried swimming pool models, so that you can find the model that will fit perfectly into your garden. Here are the main criteria to help you in your selection.

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The dimensions and shape of the semi-buried swimming pool

In addition to taking into account the administrative procedures that we have just described, the choice of the dimensions and shape of your semi-buried swimming pool depends on the configuration of your garden of course, but also on the use you plan for your pool. You should in fact opt ​​for an elongated swimming lane type shape if you are considering a sporting job, while more compact, round or octagonal shapes are often preferred for playing with children or just for cooling off, without really swimming. .

On the other hand, the walls will have to be shaped to form seats if you also use your pool as a balneotherapy area.

The choice of materials for your semi-buried pool

The choice of raw material depends on the aspect that you appreciate and which will fit into your landscape, as well as the budget that you plan.

The semi-buried wooden swimming pool

The semi-buried wooden swimming pool is the most common. It seduces with its warm natural appearance which fits into all environments. The species available are varied, but it is often wood from Northern Europe that is preferred. It comes from sustainable forestry and is exceptionally durable. Indeed, wood resists contact with water very well, provided that its quality is impeccable, which is the case for Nordic species. It is rot-proof, resistant to heat, UV exposure, chlorine and other cleaning products, fungi, algae and other plants, while its stability guarantees the durability of your semi-buried wooden swimming pool. However, you must plan for minimal maintenance, especially if you do not want your wood to turn gray due to exposure to the sun.

Wood adapts to all sizes and shapes of pools. You also have models incorporating interesting features to camouflage, for example, your filtration system or to store your accessories: air mattresses, fries, buoys, robot cleaner, etc.

Finally, the semi-buried wooden swimming pool is the cheapest model, for impeccable quality.

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The semi-buried concrete swimming pool

The semi-buried concrete swimming pool allows you to infinitely customize the dimensions and shape of your pool and benefit from a solid and durable construction. Concrete is resistant to all weather conditions and requires no maintenance. You are free to choose the covering to your liking so that the exposed part has, for example, the appearance of wood or marble.

Concrete is best if you want to enjoy a spa in addition to a swimming pool. You can in fact integrate nozzles to perform balneotherapy massages. In addition to the technical arrangements for the air inlet nozzles, concrete allows you to shape the walls and floor of your pool to form a seat and comfortably enjoy your jacuzzi.

In addition to the hydrotherapy space, you can transform your semi-buried concrete swimming pool into a swimming lane with a counter-current system. This allows you to make a pool of reasonable size in which you can practice swimming, without having to go back and forth.

Finally, your semi-buried concrete swimming pool also supports all aquagym accessories, whatever their weight: aqua bike, trampoline, treadmill, etc.

In return for all these advantages, you must plan a larger budget than for the semi-buried wooden swimming pool, as well as a slightly longer time for installation.

The composite semi-buried swimming pool

The composite semi-buried swimming pool is an interesting alternative. It is solid and easy to maintain. You also have the choice of color or manufacturing imitating a style of covering, including wood.

The honeycomb aluminum composite panels ensure the stability of the pool, after very simple assembly. They are resistant to all bad weather and do not suffer from heat or frost. They are also not susceptible to corrosion.

Thanks to the semi-buried composite swimming pool, you benefit from a lower cost pool for impeccable durability, without deformation. The finishes guarantee you a harmonious and elegant design