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The Spa as a relaxation tool and physical and psychological stimulator: Why is a Spa session relaxing? Because the Spa will stimulate the production of endorphins, the hormone of well-being and relaxation, also called the “Happiness” hormone. The effect of hot water on blood circulation will allow endorphin and nutrients to access damaged body cells. The improvement in blood circulation will relieve accumulated muscular and emotional tensions, relieve joints and relax muscles. The combination of massage and hot water will promote the elimination of toxins and boost the supply of oxygen to the different cells of your body. All these benefits are not one-off, the effects of a good Spa session can last a few days. So don't hesitate any longer, let yourself be guided, take care of your body and your health.

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Here is our acrylic spa collection.

The use of hot water for its therapeutic qualities has been used for millennia, hot baths have been adopted by many cultures and civilizations.

The benefits of hydro-jet massages allow you to obtain a precise and effective massage on the muscles, the combination of heat and massage soothes both the body and the mind. An acrylic spa session brings its users a dose of well-being and relaxation. The health and therapeutic benefits of spas have long been known to man. We can now avoid the hassle and overspending by going to spa facilities and centers. The benefits of warmth, buoyancy and massage can now be put to our full use, which can in turn provide us with physical and mental benefits. Holistic relaxation can be achieved without much effort and with regularity.

With a home spa readily available, you can have your own personal space and unwind from work, family and friends or simply pamper yourself, meditate and eliminate negative waves. On the other hand, home spa can be shared with your loved one or close friends. You get a good dose of physical and social therapy by inviting your friends and partner over while enjoying the soothing and therapeutic thermal water.

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In tandem with the anti-aging effect of acrylic spas at home, there are benefits for the skin. You obtain a natural glow and good firmness to your skin by regularly absorbing the waters of your portable spa at home. Adding minerals and gentle exfoliating treatments to spa water or applying them directly to your skin after soaking in the spa can do wonders for your skin. You can achieve polished, clean skin, your skin will benefit from cell regeneration, your pores will be refined and your skin will experience refreshing relief from harmful irritants and pollution.

Improves blood circulation

The heat and jets from your portable spa improve blood circulation and relax tissues around arthritic joints. Improved circulation around joints can reduce stiffness, inflammation and allows for gentle stretching in a weight-free environment.

For muscle pain and injuries, therapeutic warm water immersion spa allows blood to circulate better around the affected area, which can reduce swelling, bruising and discomfort.

In addition, better blood circulation in the body can benefit the functioning of the heart. Blood vessels can be dilated by the heat of the spa water, which can allow the heart to function at optimal levels. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases can benefit from this therapeutic bath