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Distripool has partnered with the manufacturer BWT to offer you a range of low-budget devices for a wide range of functionalities. high quality. Both efficient and aesthetic, the BWT pool robot is distinguished by its ultrafine filtration which makes it so successful. You can therefore enjoy a pool that is always clean, effortlessly, by relying on the automatic functions of your device. We offer you various models here, so that you find the one suitable for your pool, whether it is buried or above ground.

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The BWT pool robot brand (or Aquatron pool robot)

BWT means Benckiser Wasser Technik in German, translated into English as Best Water Technology. It is a German company, founded in 1823 by Johann Adam Benckiser, in Pforzheim, in the southwest of the country. It was originally a small chemical factory in Germany.

After several moves, mergers and takeovers, BWT has established itself as one of the world's leading groups, one of whose specialties is water treatment and the world of swimming pools.

BWT pool robot or Aquatron pool robot?

The BWT pool robot is sometimes also called Aquatron pool robot. In 2018, the BWT group, then the European leader in the field of water treatment technologies, acquired Aquatron, a company specializing in the manufacture of electric swimming pool robots.

This acquisition allowed BWT to strengthen its position in the pool and spa market, expanding its product offering to include pool robots. Consequently, Aquatron became an integral part of the BWT Group, which later renamed the company Aquatron to BWT Robotics Pool & Spa.

The BWT pool robot is available in different versions, to adapt to your pool and in particular its dimensions. However, all models have common points.

The value for money of the BWT pool robot

The BWT pool robot benefits from value for money which is appreciated by its users. Its price in the low range is not set to the detriment of its quality, but because it is the result of good management of the company and because it lives up to the reputation of excellence of the company. German industry.

Thanks to a carefully adjusted range, you have the choice among several models, which allows you to adjust your investment according to your real needs.

The performance of the Aquatron pool robot

The performance of the Aquatron pool robot has been proven.

Suction power

The robot's Breezer technology is a drive system that connects the pump to two motors, to optimize resistance as well as efficiency. The suction power is very efficient, much higher than that of many other competing brands. It is also optimized by a system of adjustable nozzles.

The Ultimate Power system works with 4 driving wheels and brushes that adapt to all pool shapes and surfaces. It allows the robot to climb the steepest slopes and not be blocked by various reliefs, such as stairs for example. This ensures the thorough cleaning of your pool. Added to this is an additional rotating brush to refine the cleaning of the bottom.

Thanks to the combination of the all-terrain chassis and high-performance suction, no debris, whatever its size, can escape your device. At the seaside, for example, you set your nozzles to a low position, so that they track down every last grain of sand.

Ultrafine filtration, the hallmark of the BWT pool robot

The BWT robot outperforms its competitors thanks to its ultrafine filtration. Its 4D filter is made up of elastic microfiber loops which are moved by a vibrating movement having the effect of maximizing the flow passing through the filter.

In addition, this vibration of the microfibers prevents the filter from clogging, while the fineness of the 4D filter traps impurities of all sizes, whether it is a tree leaf or of a grain of sand.

Note that the Aquatron robot is equipped with two filtration cassettes, which prevents it from being saturated, even in the worst periods, when for example there are many dead leaves.

Speed ​​of execution

The circuit carried out by the BWT robot owes nothing to chance. Moving quickly, without losing its cleaning power, the device obeys its Smart Navigation system to minimize the distances traveled:

- its gyroscope scans its environment to detect obstacles;

- the associated algorithm then calculates the route to completely treat the pool from top to bottom (walls, water line and bottom), while minimizing the number of passages.

In addition to saving time, you reduce both wear and tear on your Aquatron robot and your energy consumption.

Intuitive handling

Everything has been done to make your BWT robot simple and intuitive to use. A single button is enough to start its cycle. The device is then autonomous and stops automatically when its task is completed.

Practical accessories for perfect ergonomics

The Aquatron robot is equipped with a transparent filter cover. This allows you to check the clogged state of the filters, without having to dismantle them, or even remove your device from the water, which saves you tedious handling.

When it is time to clean the filters, the operation is simplified by a handle system that you simply unlock for access. The handling is simple and you don't get your hands dirty.

The length of the floating power cable is proportional to the robot model to adapt to the dimensions of your pool. In all cases, it is equipped with an anti-twist system which ensures the freedom of movement of the device.

Security and reliability

To guarantee your safety, the BWT robot is powered by a low-voltage transformer, coupled with an automatic shutdown system, compliant with European standards. The security system is operational in all circumstances, in and out of water.

All Aquatron robots are guaranteed for 2 years.

The aesthetics of the Aquatron pool robot The aesthetics of the Aquatron pool robot is an important criterion, because it is equipment which remains constantly or almost in your field of vision and which must not detract from your environment.

The manufacturer worked on rounded and soft shapes, ultimately constituting a device with elegant lines. Its pastel colors have been designed to blend easily into the landscape.

The BWT pool robot adapted to your pool

The BWT pool robot is designed for in-ground pools of different sizes, as well as for above-ground pools.

We invite you to click on each of the models to select the one suitable for your pool. You will find in particular the dimensions for which the robot is recommended, as well as the characteristics of the cleaning cycle which can be unique or offer you several durations.

Certain models offer a remote control system via a smartphone application to provide you with even greater comfort. When you store your robot for the winter, some models come with a sturdy caddy which allows you to transport it effortlessly, knowing that a robot weighs between 9 and 12 kilos on average.

Some models also feature a swivel handle that can be adjusted to a diagonal position. It allows you to carry the device when it is in a fixed position and, in the water, it intelligently balances your device to optimize cleaning.