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Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a jacuzzi and its relaxing whirlpools without going to a spa? It’s possible with an inflatable spa! Distripool offers you its selection of inflatable spas and portable spas from the NetSpa brand. In this section, find inflatable and semi-rigid models, from 4 to 6 seats, but also accessories for your inflatable spa.

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On inflatable spa embodies well-being at home. It is ideal for relaxing in the evening when returning home or even whenever you want to enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation. Discover the highlights of our hot tubs.

Start the day in complete relaxation or relax in the evening with the best-selling inexpensive inflatable spas on Distripool. With premium manufacturing, easy installation and advanced features, you can enjoy luxury from the comfort of your home or garden. Available in a range of different designs, shapes and sizes, you can find a cheap inflatable hot tub that's perfect for you. Distripool, your specialist in inexpensive inflatable swimming pools and spas, also offers you a varied range of accessories and spare parts to allow you to continue to enjoy your inflatable spa year after year.

No need to break the bank, find your cheap inflatable spa:

When we talk about spas, the first thing that comes to mind is the price of this equipment. But at Distripool, we want to make the joys of an inflatable spa accessible. This is why we have selected inexpensive inflatable spas to allow you to treat yourself without feeling guilty. You will find inflatable spas for less than 400 euros to install in your garden, on your terrace or indoors

Inexpensive inflatable spa, luxury wherever you want :

Even though hard-sided hot tubs still fall into the "portable" spa category, they are quite bulky and heavy, and require a lot of effort to move. This is not the case with an inflatable version. Some inexpensive inflatable hot tub models also come with a convenient carry bag, allowing you to take your inflatable hot tub to sporting events, camping or fishing, to a friend's house, or even to the beach.|| |1400

Les fabricants leaders du marché du spa gonflable aux meilleurs prix :

There are many inflatable hot tubs to choose from, and many of them come with amazing features. But the best way to know which one is best for you is to compare models and think about what you want from a cheap inflatable hot tub. Buying an inexpensive inflatable spa does not mean compromising on quality. At Distripool, we trust Bestway and Netspa, two manufacturers recognized for offering the best quality/price ratio. Once you've purchased the perfect inflatable hot tub, don't forget about maintenance essentials like chlorine and bromine. Check out the Distripool store for everything you need to keep your spa water clean and ready for a bath

An inflatable spa combining technology, design, quality: (NETSPA brand)

catalogue NETSPA 2023

The sober, modern and elegant design of our spas allows each model to invite itself and fit perfectly in your home. Our spas come in different sizes (accommodating 2 to 6 people) and shapes: round, square or octagonal spa.

Because we make it a point of honor to offer you quality products: all our inflatable spas are made with solid and quality materials (ultra-resistant laminated PVC coating, high-quality pearl interior liner quality and finish in raw PVC or imitation leather).

In terms of technology, our inflatable spas are economical and secure. They offer in particular:

An intelligent “eco” mode: heating stops automatically when the water reaches the required temperature and restarts 2°C apart, so it does not overconsume;|| |1409

les-blocs-moteur isolation-spa

Une bonne isolation : l’épaisseur des parois et les matériaux utilisés permettent une meilleure isolation de l’eau. En plus, pour éviter les déperditions de chaleur, nos spas sont équipés d’une couverture isotherme ;

Intelligent programming: the heater stops automatically when the water temperature exceeds 42°C;

technologie-double-isolation triple-protection-refoulement

Double insulation of the electric heater (it reduces current leakage) and an integrated differential socket (its low intensity of 10mA is the highest standard for inflatable spas);
Une protection contre le refoulement : le bloc moteur possède trois valves mécaniques pour empêcher l’eau de pénétrer les parties électriques ; 

prise-differentielle protection-surchauffe

Safety features to protect children: with a control panel locking function and a cover equipped with safety latches to make it impossible for young people to open the spa.

verouillage-panneau-controle boucles-securite

Inflatable and semi-rigid outdoor spa

Distripool offers two types of outdoor spa:

-The inflatable spa: 4 to 6 seats, interior diameter from approximately 130 to 160 cm, for a depth of 70 cm on average. It is ideal for moments of relaxation with family or friends and can be installed in larger or smaller gardens or terraces. Price side: they vary between 350 to 500 euros;


- Semi-rigid spa: from 4 to 6 places, from 500 to 1600 euros. It is a perfect compromise between the rigid spa and the inflatable spa. Our spas are sold as a kit. These spa kits include a protective cover, an insulating cover and 2 filtration cartridges included. Need advice on buying an inflatable spa or choosing a spa?


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