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FRANCE SAUNA Originally, France Sauna is above all the story of a family passionate about sauna and fitness. It was almost natural that the idea of ​​offering infrared cabins and steam saunas in France emerged. The objective is to offer quality at the best price so that the French can relax in a Sauna.

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Sauna Vapeur ZEN

ZEN Steam Sauna

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Sauna Infrarouge APOLLON Quartz

APOLLON Quartz Infrared Sauna

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Sauna infrarouge SPECTRA

SPECTRA infrared sauna

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Birth and expansion of France Sauna

Convinced of the potential of this well-being ritual, the France Sauna company was created in the south of France, in the heart of Provence. The family company does not just design and manufacture tailor-made or kit sauna cabins, it also constantly monitors new developments and new technologies.

France Sauna has been striving for years to develop products that meet market expectations in terms of reliability, performance and costs. It is currently one of thereference brandse in the installation and manufacturing of infrared cabins in France but also in Europe. These quality products make the reputation of France Sauna and its international partners with whom it maintains close relationships.

On the service side, it guarantees installation of infrared cabins in accordance with the rules of the art and in complete safety. It has in fact secured the services of specialists who know the regulations and standards for infrared cabin installations like the back of their hand. Several checkpoints are also planned to ensure that the construction site takes place in the best conditions.

Focus on France Sauna products

France Sauna ensures a high degree of expertise of its commercial and technical teams. They have know-how, skills and total mastery of the different ranges of products offered by the company.

In order to meet all requests, France Sauna has developed 2 ranges of infrared saunas(Apollon Quartz and Spectra)as well as 2 other ranges of steam saunas(Sense and Zen). Each range of products is available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 versions with a long list of optional accessories: under-seat lighting, panoramic view, reinforced insulation, intelligent digital panel, etc

All France Sauna saunas are made from Spruce species from Canada. This solid wood has many advantages for sauna sessions since it helps to better contain fumes and its insulating capacity is extremely high. It will also have unsuspected properties which multiply the benefits and pleasures of the sessions, without any sign of fatigue even after years of use.

For all France Sauna saunas (steam or infrared), the electronic warranty is 2 years compared to 4 years warranty for the woodwork. The company is therefore committed to providing its customers with a large stock of products and spare parts to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of saunas over the long term.

Infrared sauna: under the sign of well-being and pleasure

The search for pleasure and well-being of the user has always been at the heart of the concerns of the company's technicians. Thus, infrared saunas are manufactured in such a way as to optimize the benefits of the session. The infrared panels, for example, are arranged so that the benefits of Quartz and Magnesium are evenly distributed throughout the cabin.

Full Spectrum Quartz technology (IR-A and B waves) is also known to promote sweating and to release heat in the muscles and joints. The infrared sauna therefore has a lower temperature than the steam sauna but it does not just heat the surface.

What mainly differentiates the Spectra range from the Apollon range is its elegant and sober design with its three available dimensions. In addition, Spectra offers between 7 and 11 transmitters with a power of up to 2950 W while Apollon only has 6 to 8 transmitters maximum.

Steam sauna: under the sign of rest and relaxation

The Sense steam sauna offers a large panoramic facade and very generous dimensions allowing the lying position. This more aesthetic and more contemporary design can be installed indoors or outdoors. Manufactured in the tradition of steam saunas, this range can include accessories which will contribute to recreating the original atmosphere recréer l’ambiance originelle such as the stove and lava stones.

Steam technology is not complicated. It is created by adding water to white-hot stones in the stove. To be effective, temperatures in the cabin must reach 80°C. To maintain this performance over the years, regular maintenance of the cabin, joints and replacement of the pan every 5 years will be necessary.

The Zen steam sauna offers the same characteristics as its big brother but with a double height of the bench, a Harvia stainless steel stove with a capacity of 3.5 to 6 kW. The 4 models available adopt a more sophisticated design.