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Pool kit: With an in-ground pool at home *

Do you want to install a swimming pool in your garden and are you interested in kit models? Distripool invites you to discover its catalog: good quality kit swimming pools at unbeatable prices! When you choose a swimming pool kit, you must first choose the material that suits you. Whatever your choice, we offer you the best products in France for swimming pool kits

Our collection of swimming pool kits: concrete, polystyrene, polyester...

Swimming pool in concrete kit:

First, you can purchase aconcrete kit swimming pool. With unfailing strength and durability, this in-ground pool classic will give you total satisfaction. If you are a handyman, you can easily carry out the work yourself. So you save money with the pride of making your own pool. We offer you technical support via guides, advice from our team and all the high quality equipment necessary for the installation of your swimming pool kit.

If you want to have the work carried out by a professional, you will also save money.

In fact, by purchasing a complete kit directly, you will only need to find the professional for the labor. And our experience in this type of bathing area construction allows us today to offer you the best prices. Everything is included in our concrete kits: filtration, skimmer, plumbing and waterproofing elements. No need to buy everything piece by piece and spend hours on it.

Ourconcrete kits
for swimming pools are guaranteed for 10 years. In addition, delivery is free everywhere in France.

Whatever your space and the environment of your garden, you can find the kit that suits you. Indeed, if you have little space, a square pool can be a good solution. Here too our concrete kit for square swimming pool will allow you to save time and money for your in-ground pool project.

The same goes for a swimming lane. If you want to create a swimming pool of this type, trendy and functional, we have the swimming pool kit adapted to your project. Generally speaking, our swimming pool kits are designed for a height of 1.50 meters. But if you want to do it differently, we will offer you a tailor-made quote.

In-ground pool kitpolystyrene

Then you can choose apolystyrene kit. Avec ses propriétés isolantes, ce matériau est idéal pour garder la chaleur de l'eau. De plus, il est très facile à manipuler et à installer. En complément ce type de construction vous permet de réaliser différentes formes de bassin. Classiques, rectangulaires ou carrés, ou plus originales en forme de diamant ou en forme de L. Evidemment le couloir de nage est tout à fait réalisable avec ce type de piscine en kit enterrée.

With this type of kit, we first provide you with a very resistant varnished liner. You also have the option of a Bio Filter, which will allow you to save on your electricity bill, and on the construction of a technical room. And for greater acoustic comfort because it is completely silent.

You can also add ajacuzzi spa with the Aphrodite model. So that your bathing space is unlike any other. All with absolute ease of assembly. And unparalleled modularity.

Connected kit swimming pool

Finally,home automationand its advantages are also available at Distripool and its kit swimming pools inpolystyrene. We always offer you more innovations, controlled and tested nevertheless from the top of our expertise of more than 30 years in the field of swimming pools. With this equipment, you can manage everything from your smartphone. Whatever the size of your pool, you can easily change your lighting, your filtration, or its heating system without having to open the technical room. Great comfort, but also advice on how to properly regulate the quality of your water. Let us also remember here that this is an essential factor for your swimming comfort. All of our filtration equipment included with our kits is proven and guarantees you total satisfaction.

Swimming pool in shell kit

The swimming pool kit inpolyester shell is a great classic in the world of in-ground pools. Even more resistant than concrete, it guarantees certain durability over time. More resistant than concrete, a shell can adapt to light ground movements. No cracks or degradation, the relatively flexible shape of your polyester shell pool will counterbalance slight movement of the earth. Ideal in clayey areas in particular.

The rainfall in these areas causes the basements to contract or swell. So, if the movements are not too intense, yourshellguarantees you solidity in the same way as for an in-ground pool kit.

You will be able to carry out your project whatever the desired form. Bean, rectangle, square, everything is possible. And at a lower cost because it is one of the least expensive solutions.

Container swimming pool

Yet another new innovation present in the catalog of our online store. Theswimming poolcontainer is now famous in particular for its ecological dimension. Once your concrete slab has been carefully created, you will install this kit directly for rapid watering. This involves reusing a maritime container. By its design, it is obviously made for humid environments and resistant to extreme conditions. Your purchase is guaranteed over time, with foolproof solidity. With this type of swimming pool kit, only one choice of shape is possible, but which will adapt perfectly to your exterior. No administrative process, and your kit arrives already installed in its technical room.

In the innovations section you will also find ourspas in concrete or polystyrene kit. In both cases it is also a complete kit that we offer you. With in particular original and very aesthetic liners. Massage nozzles, fittings, electrical box, all you have to do is create your structure. Our spa kits take care of the rest. You save time and money with quality equipment. Relax in a high-end and inexpensive aquatic area. And enjoy a moment of well-being with a free mind