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Intelligent electrical boxes or connected water analyzers... Discover our range of home automation products for a swimming pool 100% connected. You can manage the proper functioning of your swimming pool remotely (via the Internet or your smartphone): heating, filtration, lighting, water treatment. These connected objects aim to simplify the monitoring and maintenance stages of your swimming pool with a view to comfort, security and energy saving. Let yourself be tempted by a connected swimming pool with Distripool.

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Domotique APF connect

Home automation APF connect

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Coffret : Assistant connecté piscine  OKLYN

Box: OKLYN connected swimming pool assistant

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from: 745,00
Robot Dolphin Explorer Poolstyle 40I : Connecté - Dolphin

Robot Dolphin Explorer Poolstyle 40I: Connected

Robot piscine Dolphin série E 40i - Connecté  - Dolphin

Dolphin E 40i series pool robot - Connected

1 390,00

What is home automation?

Often associated with the interior of the house, home automation also applies to the exterior, and more particularly to your swimming pool. But what is it exactly? A set of technologies allowing you to control, automate and program the various equipment in a swimming pool.

How does a connected swimming pool work?

To have a connected swimming pool, all you need to do is install a smart box in your technical room and/or place a connected water analyzer in your pool. Connected to the Internet or wifi, these connected objects collect and transmit various information to you (water temperature, shutter position, filtration status, water pH, disinfectant level, etc.). Then, it's up to you to adjust and control your devices according to your needs and the information provided to you.

Why use home automation in a swimming pool?

A connected swimming pool offers many advantages:

Save time: connected devices save you from water analyzes and other manual adjustments related to the swimming pool which can take time;
Ease of maintenance and use of the swimming pool: you can control your equipment (filtration, heating, shutter, lighting) and the quality of the water (pH rate, disinfectant rate, water conductivity) remotely via your smartphone or computer;
Security: the water in your swimming pool is constantly monitored. In the event of an anomaly, you are alerted and recommendations are given to you;
Savings: the devices calculate the correct dosages of cleaning product, start heating depending on the weather, start filtration at the right speed Settings or features that allow you to save on the consumption of water, electricity or maintenance products.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information on the management and maintenance of swimming pools via home automation or connected devices.