Ozonator for your spa: Balboa, VIAN, DEL

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The ozonator is equipment that helps maintain good hygiene in your spa. It allows you to automatically inject an ozone-based disinfectant in the water. This type of treatment purifies the water 100%. natural and thus reduce the use of chemicals (such as chlorine or bromine). In this section, discover our different models of spa ozonators (with discharge or ultraviolet mechanism).

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An ozonator: what is it?

The ozonator is a piece of equipment that automatically injects an ozone-based disinfectant (a gas natural) in your spa water. This process is therefore 100% natural and makes it possible to clean and purify water from your spa efficiently.

How does an ozonator work?

An ozonator purifies the spa water by transforming oxygen (present in the air) into ozone. The ozone is then injected into the filtration system where it is mixed with water. The gas acts almost instantly and disinfects water before it is filtered and released clean and healthy into the spa. To transform oxygen into ozone, there are two different processes: either by ultraviolet or by coronary discharge.

- With the ultraviolet process: the sucked air is dried by a UV lamp, which results in transform oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. This is the same process that produces ozone in the atmosphere;
- With the coronary discharge process: the air is sucked in and dried before an electric discharge high voltage does not transform oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. It is the same process which produces ozone in the lower layers of the atmosphere via thunder.

The advantages and disadvantages of the ozonator

Ozone is a very effective disinfectant and offers rapid action. It leaves no residue in the water except oxygen. In addition, this natural treatment allows you to reduce the quantity of chemicals used. for treating your spa water.

On the other hand, be aware that you must still combine it with a disinfectant product and use filtration keep on going. Also, its installation must be carried out by a professional.

Do not hesitate to contact the Distripool experts if you need additional information on the spa ozonators or any other spa equipment. Our experts are at your disposal to respond to your requests.